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Great stuff, did not expect a second pure action chapter. The flow and paneling especially nice. Oda has really gotten serious since hitting 1000.

Now why is Lucci screwing with my boy Hattori? Even feeding the others out of Hattori's bag. There will be hell to pay, furball.

Kaido's punching bag form takes a beating as expected. He makes a good initial attempt with that badass HAH! that unleashes wind scythes, but the Kiku-slayer is ineffective with no more Kikus on the roof. Luffy with Kong Rifle, Rhino Schneider, and Kong Gatling hard carrying the Supernova squad. Law looking a bit silly unleashing Gamma Knife on this Kaido. With all of Kaido's dragon organs stretched out over a long serpentine body the size of a skyscraper, even targeting dragon Kaido's heart might be the equivalent of a minor stab. Props for Law studying his mythical dragon anatomy anyway. The silver lining to Law using Gamma Knife this early is that he's hiding a much more OP trump card for later down the line. Then we have Kid..

:kidsmile:Is this is the guy who dropped from the sky onto my base with only a headache to show for it?

:kidsmile:SLAM GIBSON!

The unfortunate part about metal powers is that Kid's brain has been exposed to too much lead. He could manipulate a hundred blades and press Kaido from all angles to quickly get to Whitebeard's final damage count. Make a lightning rod to redirect some of Big Mom's bolts. But Kid will be Kid. Killer gets a nice sequence where he runs up Kaido's back and uses my favorite move this chapter in the form of a sonic attack generated by his gyrating blades, bypassing Kaido's defenses and injuring his insides. Oda depicting it as a menacing illusion where his blades grow in size and slice through Kaido is too cool. Imagine what a true sound mixmaster like Apoo is capable of. Lastly, Zoro with the help of Law manages to miss his big Ryuma finisher. A massive AOE slice that dehorns Onigashima somehow missed a giant sky dragon...Zoro's CoO deep in the negatives like his sense of direction. Funny that now not just Kaido but Big Mom who warns him can feel Oden's power beyond the grave in Enma. Zoro still deflected a wind scythe, cut Boro Breath and put the fear of Goden in Big Mom so a good showing regardless.

Best sister Linlin once again saving her little brother Kaido. Onigashima, usually depicted as cloudy and stormy, logically turns out to give a huge territorial advantage for Big Mom who can now spam lightning left and right. Would be nice if there was a weather modifier like Nami in the roof, but we could just wait until the skull flies into Wano's different seasons. Infusing lightning with souls creates homie ball lightning, and these guys will zip back and forth at anime lightning speed until they finally nail their targets. So every Supernova eventually gets hit, very impressive move from Big Mom. BM doesn't carry around souls, meaning once again after making yokai she's using up her own already very old lifespan. No way she makes it past Wano. Luffy, no surprise, continues on since thanks to electric immunity but how can he take a point blank Boro Breath to the face without a Macarena haki barrier? Yohoho he ate the Guts-Guts fruit (sorry filler dude Bill), that's why.

Interesting that the chapter is titled Yonkou vs New Generation with no X-Drake, Apoo or Hawkins in the roof. Maybe hurts their chances of playing a major role in the fight. The five all finally took damage but if Luffy can endure Kaido's Stinky Breath and keep going, the rest should recover from one lightning bolt. The bad part about fighting two Yonko is that even if one has a bad showing, the other will step up and provide cover. Because Oda is not cutting away, I am getting the feeling he's preparing for a Supernova defeat with the end of Act 3. The rest of the fights could be kept in limbo with a chapter showing the Strawhats are struggling with their opponents down below. I would love if it's hybrid Kaido who finally emerges and gets the W for this round.

Last chapter he moved 10 times as fast as serious Big Mom showing SNAKEMAN Level speed

Today he casually reacted to wind attack that 9 CoO users with 5 high tiers couldn't even detect. Also Kidd couldn't detect it either and Killer barely dodged. TOP TIER CoO feat.

Kaido and Big Mom both shitting their pants against Zoro, with Kaido straight up shivering in Pain. Top tier Attack power and CoA.

Zoro also making Law his subordinate--Top tier leadership

Zoro is maximized in all stats.

LeBron James of One Piece.

Roof Top Supernovas are like Lakers

Zoro - LeBron James
Luffy - Anthony Davis
Law - Danny Green
Killer - Kyle Kuma
Kidd - Dwight Howard

No diffs Law and Kidd
In my opinion, the way this rooftop battle is structured, where we're seeing a lot of it being fleshed out even when the fights inside the dome haven't properly begun yet doesn't bode well for our 5 protagonists on the roof.

This is the point where BM & Kaido will start acknowledging their strength seriously and proceed to whoop their asses. It won't lead to the supernova's going out of commission for a long time, but just a temporary setback.
Well said.
This battle looks really awesome, Killer and Zoro really shined in this chapter, it was also nice to see Kaido and Big Mom acknowledge Enma which once again is confirmed to be a really special blade.

It was also cool to finally see Big Mom in real action with her showing some really cool lightning attacks and using her power to create lightning that will change their directions and hunt the enemy down. Though once again Oda couldn't resist the opportunity of repeating Luffy's "I'm made of rubber" catchphrase.

This makes me hope that we'll see other cool Homies attacks and combinations in the next chapters.

Once again Kaido keeps using his less practicable dragon form so the Supernovas can land hits on him just like the Scabbards did but this will have to end sooner or later and once Kaido start using his human form again things are going to become a lot more difficult and painful for the Supernovas.

The Gamma Knife fail was funny and predictable, I was certain that it wouldn't have much effect on a body as strong and resistant as Kaido's, since it wasn't that effective and a game changer against Doflamingo it wasn't going to be against a Yonko.
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