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Jack after attacking Fujitora, Senghok and Tsuru just bandaged

Jozu after clashing with one admiral loses his arm no diff nearly death

Jack has one of the highest endurance feats in the entire series
Is that what you call a valid comparison?

Jozu's arm was broken off because it was frozen. Did Jack received such damage? He didn't.

Jack after getting a single cut from Asura was bandaged for several days.

Endurance is how long you can keep going after taking damage. Jack was destroyed when he faced the Marines...that's where his endurance ends. Him getting bandaged resets it.
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Jack is semi top tier:kata::kata:
Honestly Marco is pretty overrated. The only fight he's seen through is when Marshall shut his lights out. Right now he's using his intangibility and evasiveness with little real offense to boot.

Jack < Kaido... that's not really a point. Saying he's less durable or has less stamina says nothing about Jack because Kaido is considered the toughest one on one fight in the world. Being under Kaido can still mean Jack is so tough that they might as well be the same to a large majority. Jack is really, really high up there, and Kaido himself says as much.

If you're saying that losing to two admirals takes away from that though, I think this is lost on you as we haven't seen anyone withstand two admirals. And like I said to someone else, it's probably not gonna be something you get if you think Ace vs Jinbe is the same as Jack's raid on Zou
Lol you haven't provided a counter. Just because he you think he is overrated doesn't change the fact that his recovery is top tier due to his Regen.

That's to show you what top tier recovery actually is. Kaido's toughness has to do with his durability (how tough his skin is). Jack doesn't come close to thay hence you can't claim Jack has top tier recovery and stamina.

Did you see the fight? How do you know he fought both admirals?
It is the same fighting for 5 days is not a show of top tier endurance.
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