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Oda doesn’t care about fans overhyped expectations of what a meaningful tragedy is. I’m talking about inverse time. In our time obviously the arc is going to stretch to the rest of the year in the number of chapters.

Kaido is falling by the time ‘dawn’ arrives.
I actually like this and i want to agree with this but there is no hint that the dawn is near, it's still night and the only thing we know is that Onigashima is near the flower capital.
In addition to that.. we havee seen any named move by king or queen.. and they are getting caught off guard by marco's ability.. and are tanking some real hits. and are still jumping back to the stage... if they figure out marco's ability.. then there are mire chances of marco getting hit by their moves.. and when they start using hefty attacks... marco me boi is done for unfortunately.
The fight is now over 40mins and they could hurt Marco few times, so I assume they learn how to deal with his df power overall.
Sanji: They are after Momo and Shinobu-chan!!
Sanji: Who is Young Master Yamato!?

Sanji doesn't know how strong is Yamato and he knows that momo is more important than the red scabbard, my guess is he's gonna choose momo. :goyea:

Let's not forget aswell that king insisted a lot in taking down momo as he's the most important man to kill. King might even try to kill momo himself at some point.


Symbol of Despair
Zoro no respect to Luffy? Not trusting Luffy? Come on, Zoro dedicated his life to Luffy, all he does is for Luffy. Even his own goal, becoming WSW becomes second place. He even bowed down in front of his greatest enemy, just to respect and help Luffy.
Kaido is Luffy's opponent. Zoro doesnt trust Luffy to beat him. Yet Luffy trusted Zoro against Mihawk....

These are all facts. Wimper more.
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