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:josad: HYBRID MARco..

You fought the equivalent of g2/G3 Luffy (base/zoan king) and Jinbei (zoan Queen), already about to be out...

The worst part is that both didnt use any named attack or haki .
I actually like this and i want to agree with this but there is no hint that the dawn is near, it's still night and the only thing we know is that Onigashima is near the flower capital.
I can see Kaido being cut down by Zoro above the Flower Capital as a Ryuuma parallel and he falls into Mount Fuji. Then the final with Luffy and Kaido takes place on Mount Fuji which takes up rest of the night.


Symbol of Despair
Sanji: They are after Momo and Shinobu-chan!!
Sanji: Who is Young Master Yamato!?

Sanji doesn't know how strong is Yamato and he knows that momo is more important than the red scabbard, my guess is he's gonna choose momo. :goyea:

Let's not forget aswell that king insisted a lot in taking down momo as he's the most important man to kill. King might even try to kill momo himself at some point.
King said that Momo is the key to winning this war. Once they deal with Marco, King will come after Momo. Only dumbasses think hes going to the roof.

Minks went all out > lost to Jack
Retainers went all out > lost to Kaido
Luffy went all out...the others would too > losing almost confirmed.
Marco went all out > losing soon
- Minks went all out> they defeated Jack LOL and nearly killed him if Kaido didn't stop them. It even took Jack some time to get back up again. (Get your facts straight)

- Retainers went all out> Lost as a hype tool for Kaido. They also weren't supposed to win. They were supposed to be replaced by Luffy, Zoro, and the others. (Get your facts straight)

- Marco went all out> You call that going all out??? How pathetic LOL. We didn't see shit from Marco. We didn't even see his hybrid form LOL. (Get your facts straight)

Do you think Oda gonna dedicate 100+50/200 chapters for a "failed attempt"??? Yeah, keep dreaming man LOL.
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