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Just saying, I find it VERY peculiar that:

- 6 of the 7 non-monster trio Strawhats are fighting 5 of the F6 members

- The 7th (Chopper) is being guarded by the 6th F6 member to cure a virus that makes you attack your own companions.

- Just this chapter Hyougoro got infected.

All I'm gonna say about that. We'll see what happens
Marco is a absolute monster, taking on 2 commanders holy shit.

I severely underestimated Perospero.

It's great to see Yamato being a strong female individual.

I wish we would've found out what Sanji's decision this chapter.

Guess we will see if this a Hyogoro death flag or not with Chopper making the antidote.
Some of you guys judge things way to easy taking some hits or getting some blood don't mean nothing .
We seen that happen to so many characters since this war started and nothing come from it .
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