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Someone posted the pic of when Carrot cries in front of Sanji for Pedro at the end of Whole Cake Island,and added that thats the reason why he will fight Perospero. Also added that Sani is more related to Big Mom and her pirates than the Beast Pirates. Altough i disagree because he is also related to Kinemon since Punk Hazard,and Zou too,his group arrived first there. We'll see.
Again, not the theme of the arc. It's about fighting the beast pirates. Sanji doesn't know Perospero is responsible for anything, it was never shown on screen to him. Sanji has never been shown a clear vendetta against Perospero, and it would be out of left field to do it now.

if he 1 shots him or quickly takes care of him before someone like Queen? Then sure, but Perospero is an anomaly and a distraction. If everyone is fighting Beasts pirates so far, Sanji won't be the exception either. There are 3 calamities to handle, he will take one of them

BP 1 : Wuaa!
Random/Hyogoro (?) : Everyone turns into "Ice Demon/Ice Ogre", but this time the life of those demons are in great danger!

Hyogoro : it's ok, do it!
Hyogoro : Looks like at the end the heaven seems to have rewarded me.
Hyogoro : As long as I don't put your lives in danger!

Hyogoro : I let you now handle this, guys! ...
Hyogoro : The man "Hyogoro The Flower" has no regrets!

Narrator : He entrusts his hopes!


Lmaoo what? I’m saying Oda isn’t gonna make king win Marco vs king there’s no tension and the only underdog is the person we know would lose. It’s not happening Marco is at his limit that should be enough for you to stop dying on this stupid fucking hill.
That's funny coming from the guy who wants king vs sanji with 0 proof,i am so hyped for him to get perospero or jack or another lame ass like that:suresure:
Imagine it wasn't Marco but Sanji or Katakuri who perform these feats, the most people would flip out(including me). Let be honest here you can hate Marco or not but he truly deserve a W this chapter. We should be fair in this one and put this(I hate Marco) terms away, he truly deserve the W. Not everyone can fight two commanders at once and still looking good. Marco deserve a W alone for this insane performance.

Myself hype Katakuri for his feat against Capone/Jinbe and Pedro, what Marco showing here is even greater and we should respect this moment. Put Doffy in the situation of Marco, he would be dead already 20-30mins ago. Or other YC expect Katakuri and red hair pirates. The one who hype Katakuri performance against Jinbe/Capone and Pedro would dickriding Katakuri if Katakuri was the one who perform these feats. And not coming up with "G3lvl" feats who don't sound neither good. Marco in hybrid should be easily G4lvl and add probably a adv CoA, it tells a lot.
Sanji's gonna pull some Mr. Prince stuff to solve his choice dilemma, I bet. I don't see how he would prioritize one destination over the other. Both the Scabbards and Momo are in danger with enemy forces concentrating their man power on them. But, if Sanji chooses Momo, then he would be the 3rd Straw Hat Yamato interacts with. If Yamato does join, then I don't see why they can't get to know each member at a time.
I think that after comparing the two options, Sanji will come to the conclusion that he has to save Momonosuke, because Kinemon would never be happy knowing that he was saved instead of Momonosuke, if something bad happens to him.


King was able to cut Marco's wing only because he was evading Queen laser attack but he landed 2 good attacks on both of them. still he is not really much stronger than them he cannot compared to the Yonko that for sure. Big Mom with amnesia dealt with Queen like with a small child.
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