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The Road To Harmony
@rerere I was also thinking that the fight on the roof begins getting so intense, it slowly breaks the island apart while arriving to the Mainland. We've seen Zoro cut one of the horns off, for example. Something I thought about was that giant Katana lying around which Kid uses on Kaido, and the result is massive collateral damage. That's not even including some of the crazy things Kaido and Linlin might start doing in retaliation. The roof stability is starting to wane, too.

Only problem is how Oda manages the time frame. Can Onigashima reasonably be whittle down enough before it falls on the Capital?
It’s hilarious to me because sanji was fighting Jack last chapter to people and it’s because him being the savior of the minks.

now it’s perospero.

people just don’t wanna admit that sanji will fight king/ queen ( 99% sure king).

It’s hilarious.
He ain't fighting king as is. We still haven't seen haki or hybrid or devil fruit awakening from either of the commanders fighting now
Act 1 - 15 chapters
Act 2 - 30 chapters
Act 3 - 50 chapters (ending now, in chapter 1008)
Act 4 - 30 chapters (full war)
Act 5 - 15 chapters (closure with banquet, post war bounties and last reveals about Wano)

That's what I expect
It's a cool parallel. I like it. 30 chapters for the actual war is pretty good. That would also make the exact 100 chapter mark of the arc (909-1008) if we moved on from there.

Though I'm curious. It still feels like Act 3 needs more buildup before the full matches. If it was 60 chapters (another 12 chapters), then we could fully solidify all matchups, finish the rooftop fight (if its meant to fail), and introduce any loose plot threads still unaddressed.

So I could see 15, 30, 60, 30, 15 funny enough. Gives the arc more breathing room.
By the way, I don't really understand how Queen ends up coming from under rubble. He tries to shoot Hyogoro and company, Marco stops him, then tries to shoot him but dodges, then King cuts Marco's wing and every panel after this is about Marco focusing on King. Am I missing something? When does Queen go from his beast form to his human form all bruised and coming out of wherever he's coming out?
Marco once Peros joins in to 3 v 1 him

Also (I could be alone here), but I wish Oda never introduced the concept of YC's, some of the discussions on power levels just breeds more levels of ignorance and toxicity.
You'll be glad to know this YC-Level thing literally ONLY exists in the fan base. Every villain has a squad because it's pirates. But the fanbase gave them terms and made them power levels and ignore everything to the contrary. The only soft power scaling system is either bounties or enemy organization placing.
Someone posted the pic of when Carrot cries in front of Sanji for Pedro at the end of Whole Cake Island,and added that thats the reason why he will fight Perospero. Also added that Sani is more related to Big Mom and her pirates than the Beast Pirates. Altough i disagree because he is also related to Kinemon since Punk Hazard,and Zou too,his group arrived first there. We'll see.
Again, not the theme of the arc. It's about fighting the beast pirates. Sanji doesn't know Perospero is responsible for anything, it was never shown on screen to him. Sanji has never been shown a clear vendetta against Perospero, and it would be out of left field to do it now.

if he 1 shots him or quickly takes care of him before someone like Queen? Then sure, but Perospero is an anomaly and a distraction. If everyone is fighting Beasts pirates so far, Sanji won't be the exception either. There are 3 calamities to handle, he will take one of them

BP 1 : Wuaa!
Random/Hyogoro (?) : Everyone turns into "Ice Demon/Ice Ogre", but this time the life of those demons are in great danger!

Hyogoro : it's ok, do it!
Hyogoro : Looks like at the end the heaven seems to have rewarded me.
Hyogoro : As long as I don't put your lives in danger!

Hyogoro : I let you now handle this, guys! ...
Hyogoro : The man "Hyogoro The Flower" has no regrets!

Narrator : He entrusts his hopes!
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