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We can firmly say now that King and Queen didnt mainly get 1B+ for being crazy Bastards
They got it for being Strong + barbaric unlike Jack!
Marco mentioning their bounties to hype them porves it.

(Excluding the Yonkon influence which boost Underlings bounties )
Katakuri, King and Queen, Marco and Benn are worth their 1b+ bounties
Even tho King and Queen are the craziest ones between these 5. And only Kata has CoC and top tier haki for now.
I have said, kaido has 2 people as Leaders/pillars of the crew.

But they aren't Luffy's benchmarks or whatever including Marco.
Luffy about Katakuri : I wanna surpass him
Luffy to kaido & BM : I will surpass you to become PK

After katakuri, Luffy jumped above YCs...that's why he's fighting Yonko next as milestone to surpass
He isnt trying to surpass Marco or Benn or any warlord.

:milaugh:anyone thinking Luffy is below Marco or Benn should retire.
Crocodile, Lucci, Katakuri, Kaido and BM...lastly will be Teach.
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