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ALT mangaka has spoken about shake lines. :milaugh:
What's my "real" account?

Do you even know how a person gets shaken? Its either your entire body or nothing. You don't have stable legs but shaken upper body... Just think a little before typing, it's clearly vista moving his arms, not because of something shaken him...
You clearly don't know how exercises work. Struggle is a form of shaking, and you can struggle in your upperbody but not in your lowerbody.


mihawk and his sword is getting shaken by vista according to your logic... :vistalaugh:
That is not a shake line. That's from the impact of their clash.

This guy is reading Big mom's mind now... :luuh: How do you know Big mom would want to beat marco by wasting her time instead of going to rooftop? She went there and marco couldn't stop her, mission accomplished, something mihawk failed against crocodile and vista.
I didn't read her mind, she said she can't handle Marco.

Jinbe and co were running like bitches from Big mom....
They weren't just running from Big Mom, but her angry crew. They were even running from Daifuku who is weaker than Jimbei.

Crocodile or Vista weren't running from mihawk, mihawk even asks permission to leave from Vista.

Jinbe and co >>>>> Crocodile btw.
Meanwhile Big Mom ran from Marco because she can't kill him.


What proof do you have Marco is going all out.
Named attacks (powerful ones)
He himself complaining for being exhausted

:moonwalk:apparently sending base King flying
Or kicking base Queen down
Makes your AP > G3 ...

I disnt know base king or base Queen are durable that much. They have normal bodies in base....that's why it's easier to hurt them .
Marco couldn't even take Queen out of his zoam form or push him back.

But G3 sending Zoan kaido down , g3 red roc making Base kaido rethink life after sending him down on the floor
Means "G3 is not above Marco's AP"

Neko toss Zoan Jack down and force him out of zoan form in one blow
"neko isn't that great"
Let us praise Marco for sending base king flying, needs 2 moves to make him bleed a little while G3 can do the same to zoan /base kaido

oh yeah, Mammoth jack > brancho Queen in size.

G3 > Base Neko >= Marco named kicks!
Unless you're saying Zoan Queen is stronger, tankier and bigger than Zoan kaido
Or base king/Queen are stronger than base kaido.
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