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What is your take if you wanna rate them based on each where hyped according to their bounties (not feats or whatever)
We can firmly say now that King and Queen didnt mainly get 1B+ for being crazy Bastards
They got it for being Strong + barbaric unlike Jack!
Marco mentioning their bounties to hype them porves it.

(Excluding the Yonko influence which boost Underlings bounties )
Katakuri, King and Queen, Marco and Benn are worth their 1b+ bounties
Even tho King and Queen are the craziest ones between these 5. And only Kata has CoC and top tier haki for now.

But they aren't Luffy's benchmarks or whatever including Marco.
Luffy about Katakuri : I wanna surpass him
Luffy to kaido & BM : I will surpass you to become PK

After katakuri, Luffy jumped above YCs...that's why he's fighting Yonko next as milestone to surpass
He isnt trying to surpass Marco or Benn or any warlord.
Capone and Luffy mentioning Katakuri skills and power only...
The reason why his bounty is way legit is because there was no mention of him being a crazy pirate or barbaric like others.
Whenever we heard katakuri hyped, nobody stated that he was doing crule stuff to civilians/marines or pirates like most top pirates do just his power and skills.
Benn should be the next one to be legt ..coz he made his own name before joining shanks and ven under him.
(In fact he is first)
Marco...I dont know much but so far he is legit mainly for his flames or regen.
King and Queen are last for we know they are barbaric


the gimp suit hides the bleeding. look at king's eye expresion lol, he is scared

and based on kaidou, human form > dragon form lol
Base form isn't more durable
Base form is stronger because they can use their weapons and are more agile...effective in 1v1.

Basw King bled after the second attack nitnrhe first attack
Marco needed consecutive attacks to make Base king bleed while zoan Queen bled from one strike

Either King has better dura or Queen bled coz the beam exploded inside him from Marco's kick imlact
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