Who is this "Oden"?

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Ofcourse they are not top tiers neither is King or Queen. Luffy and Zoro would destroy them. Also the sccabards got to show everything, Their fight isn't over yet. Lets see what you say when Onigashima about to fall and Luffy and Zoro really turn up.
If they aren’t top tiers, then they’re high tiers. Meaning that they are still in the same general sphere of power as King and Queen. Whether or not they’d win is irrelevant, they’re still just commander level.


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I'm not saying that Scabbards didn't a good job, they did their thing like defeat Kanjuro, lead the Alliance during Onigashima raid (left and right flank), made the raid start officially attacking Kaido and fought him till the end (I'm not even mentioning the Asura, Denjiro ecc... who literally endured 20 years in that country). They built that bridge with pride and guts, I'm not taking that away from them.
What stinks to me is Oden being alive and appearing now, so casually...
Let's say he comes from the past cause of Toki and he couldn't meet the Scabbards before cause he was teletrasported there in that precise moment, it still looks forced. Too easy, appearing exactly in Onigashima, not even in the place where he was supposed to die
I'm gonna wait for this chapter and the later to totally make up my mind but, again, looks to easy to me
i don’t think he survived and is now just there.
I think toki send him in this future back then, for a specific time. Which means Toki needed to connect 2 specific points in time with her power, to make this happen. And still then, it is only for a limited time. After that, he will be back at the time and place where Toki took him from.
And that place and time was in the prison right before his execution.
You can't have different swords and ''all of you have aged'' at the same time.
What do you mean? thats the whole point, If that was the real oden he wouldnt have Enma and Ame. But he wouldnt have seen them for along time so he would act so, Saying i didnt see you and you all have aged makes the scabbards think hes the real oden, Kanjuro trying to fool the scabbards, Either to lure them into a trap or for other reason, But it doesnt make sense if he drawn enma and ame because the scabbards would realize its not really oden because Zoro has enma and Momo should have Ame somewhere


I agree that it probably isn't real but all these debunking points are dumb. Considering he hasn't aged? Of course he hasn't aged.... thr only reason he could possibly be here is if toki sent him forward. This could be oden before his death somehow.

Probably isn't, but the sword points and age stuff isn't sealing this argument.
Funny how you call that dumb yet propose an idea that’s actually ridiculous. “Before his death somehow” We saw Oden die on panel, how the hell did Toki find the time to travel all the way to the Capital when Kaido and his crew were right in their grill?

If Oden survived that, what makes the most sense would be him going into hiding hence why I said he didn’t age. The points being made about his swords on the other hand I also find moot.
Tbh, I've read @playa4321 's theory @Pantheos comments about Oden and I'm starting to actually wonder if its Toki's time powers too

Like pay attention the dialogue (assuming it's accurate): "I've wanted to meet you all!" "You've all aged quite a bit to!" It almost sounds like he's surprised they aged and that his intention here is to speak with them only, no expression or intention to fight Kaido. To me, in the middle of a battlefield, seems off, unless it truly is Toki using her powers to "project" Oden there temporarily.

For example we weren't actually given limitations on Toki's ability, but its possible Oden at some point met his subordinates 20 years in the future during his flashback. Then he goes back to tell Toki and give the prophecy.

Now, the question might be when this could happen, and the answer could be right before they go to fight Kaido, after Oden found out they lied to him while he danced. Its possible he knew his time before then and realized he couldn't change his future or at least explicitly refused to try.

Its also potentially means they won't tell him anything signficant, just a few sentimental words before Toki reveals herself too and explains how her powers work. I always felt "just" time travel by sending her body forward in timewas a little tame for Oda lol.

Now, barring how bad this can cause time travel inconsistencies, I could totally see it being the explanation because I still totally think the 1004 silhouette is Toki, which would explain how this is being done because she's already here in the future.

Edit: Then again, why the fake swords then? Maybe this doesn't make sense lmao
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