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and his future sight was shown when he said a big attack was coming.
Same when he saw the thunder bagua but couldn't fully dodge it.
But hey you keep downplaying.
I am not downplaying I said he saved them and if he saved Luffy too that's fine but he didn't take the full thing how many times do I need to repeat this shit. I am not downplaying the guy by saying he needed to be saved by an attack that would have killed all the supernovas if it hit.
But I already gave you all the evidence you need to agree with my point and still you don't so just turn to you fellow zoro fan who thinks the opposite because he wont have a bias like me apparently right?.
You have given no evidence troll.

Like I said
EVERY SINGLE TIME LAW USED SHAMBLES ON THAT ROOF there was sfx pop or markings showing he moved or moved someone/something
There is nothing
No character indicates law moved anyone but himself
No inference no nothing.
No acknowledgement from zoro law did anything to him

So show me where you gave me all those points


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I took on the teleporting matter some time ago:

The VIZ suggests that Zoro took the blast and since a barrier was presumably set given the position of the blast and Zoro's swords this implicates that Zoro most likely took the explosion.

If he was teleported that was most likely *after* taking it straight on, but that's a different kettle of fish. The issue is that Law most likely attempted to teleport them before the energy blast exploded, so at best he was probably still teleported after taking the force anyway and Law didn't manage to be quicker due room times. An explosion acts very rapidly, doubt he took it partially.
Maybe luffy still uses base mode to save haki usage and by using adv haki the output power obtained is equal to or exceeds gears, so he didn't use it (gears). It will seem too imposing if he uses g4 and spam adv haki against hybrid kaido and not exhausted.
It seems that Hawkins is confident about defeating Killer with Viz translation.

Btw, Sandman translated something interesting about Luffy vs Kaido dialogues.

So.. BigMom use CoC against PageOne? :risicheck:

She didn't use It against Kidd on the roof, and now he use It against PageOne... :shame:
Nothing wrong with that. She was chilling on the roof.
But P1 was a "unlucky" Kaido' subordinate who was there, so he took the blame for burning Okobore town where there were nice people who gave her food.
And food for BM has the same importance as it has for Luffy who confronted Doflamingo for Rebecca because she gave him some lunch.
That's their inner logic.
So she was very pissed with Kaido's minions for that and so her blow was more serious to them than to Kid.
The chapter wasn't as bad as the spoiler thread made it seem.

I don't understand the complaints about Big Mom being a hypocrite. She is a villain. Sometimes villains are hypocrites. I don't care if she shows inconsistencies because humans are inconsistent. Although I am excited for Kidd vs Big Mom. I do think there is a high chance that Big Mom isn't falling this arc.

Nami is getting Zeus. Can that just happen next chapter?

Finally, I continue to wait and see what Sanji is going to do. I still think there's a chance that Sanji will fight King.
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