How Will O-Lin Play Out?

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just to throw in. Luffys Garp would be coby if we would want to force that idea...
Luffy is "Luffy's Garp".
Roger was younger than Garp and they were constant rivals, Coby is someone inspired by Luffy who has never rivalled him.
Luffy is the one standing up against "Rocks".
Luffy is the one standing up against the tenryuubito.
Luffy and Garp have similar personalities, with Luffy being even more extreme and outrageous than his grandfather.
Coby is a timid guy with a good heart who can muster true bravery in spite of fear.
Feel free to quote me where I said it is trash writing or powerscaling is inconsistent.
Dont be mad the knock down ended up in nothing. I told you it would, didnt want to believe me. :suresure:

All of his hits result in nothing, just like I said they would. He remains an ineffective combatant.
The solution is chopping Kaido's head off and Luffy is not able to do that. Zoro will save his ass once again. :myman:
luffy weak af. Zoro>Kaido
Except there is a massive problem with this type of assumption because it acts anyone who picks up a sword is automatically shit if they fought Mihawk.

I'm not saying Mihawk isn't one of the strongest characters in the world, but this is precisely the Shanks vs Mihawk discussion every time. Neither have lost to the other yet one has the title. Is it even fair to say Shanks is weaker than Mihawk if we can't even say for sure Mihawk has won or was it because they stopped fighting entirely due to his arm? Is it fair to say Mihawk is weaker or stronger based on a title and not defined history and examples?

Like, hypothetically, what are people going to say if Luffy and Zoro fight Shanks and Mihawk in the EoS respectively? What if Shanks just fights different from Mihawk? Are we just going to have constant reactionary discussions about a title instead of understanding what we read on a page?

Same shit is happening now with Luffy and Kaido. Because of a title, people can't even process this 1v1 and call it garbage lol. Its ONLY going to get worse.
yeah, its like oda sometimes do stuff to hype up and later when plot & characters doesnot fit in it, he doesnt care least about it of what he said before.Titles are just like that.

I believe oda made title to only destroy(surpass) for other major character follow up.

Like WSM was destroyed for blackbeard as reference for EOS villain.

WSS will be destroyed by zoro and WSC will be done for luffy...
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Because you coat your adv haki with COC and it increase the range of its shield
Thats not entire COC its COC fused with COA

When Doflamingo and Luffy clashed both used COA with COC in basic form though Luffy didnt realize like Zoro
You can still use adv CoA without needing CoC, but for advanced CoC you need advanced CoA? Or I'm not following
I no longer see a combination of Gear 4 + Future Haki + Ryo + Haki of the Advanced Kings to beat Kaido

I think Luffy will lose this round but win the next one against Wano Kuni. And suddenly this would be when he would use all his advanced hakis (weaponry, observations, king) in addition to his Gear 4.
If Base Luffy can Clash like that with Hybrid Kaido then he definitely have something more up his sleeve to Fight Gear 4 Luffy.
Tbh i don't think Oda revealed his DF & we are supposed to believe it's what allowed him to be this Dragon

It might seem crazy but i think Kaido haven't used his DF yet lol
This is just his Original Powers

After all, Vegapunk used him to create Momo's DF
If Vegapunk was trying to Copy a DF Power then why doesn't he do it with others to create other Fruits? Why only Dragon Fruit?
I think it's clear that Vegapunk wanted to Copy Kaido's Unique Race, not recreate his DF

So i wonder what will his DF Powers turn out to be


Kitetsu Wanker
The fight between Luffy and Kaido just started. Asura and all that other shit was just filler. Other Straw Hats have to beat their opponents before anything truly meaningful happens
Just started? What were you reading the last 11 chapters? :suresure:
You mean all this time when Luffy couldnt do shit doesnt count? lol
In that case, all of this wont count either because until Zoro chops his head off, nothing will bring Kaido down for good and you know it.
luffy weak af. Zoro>Kaido
He should try picking up a sharp weapon, will be able to do things in one hit what he cant do with 100 now. :goyea:
And of course, Zoro is already the strongest in the universe. Kaido was lucky that Zoro was at his end. :myman:
what law said was right from my perspective since said that kid's influence over the box diminished due to lack of control, and not him getting Shocked to an extreme extent or getting knocked out completely
yeah, i can agree with this, i forgot that box was portrayed to be of special making, there could be more gimmicks to it than i thought, it may not be because of the attack cuz he took a punch earlier and nothing happened, maybe his magnetism gets weak if there's obstacles between kid an the metal, kid was maintaining control while he was outside now that he's inside the castle he lost it, that does kinda add some sense to what happened
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