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Holyshit Bowsette is actually joining the crew

I have no problem in admitting when I was wrong, and I saw 0.000% probabçty of BOWSETTE JOINING EVER

She was just another hottie damsel in distress to me

Goddamn Luffy and his Harem, getting larger by the minute

For a dude who seem to have 0 interest in sex he sure knows how to soround himself with hot babes
Never Oda has done such a terrible and stupid job at trying to make us believe that the enemies are the dominant force and that the Straw Hat Pirates are the underdogs than in Wano arc, where everything is made to help the Straw Hats and their Supernova, samurai, ninja, yakuza, mink and other allies against the Beast Pirates with plot armor, ass pulls and PIS being stronger than ever in the Straw Hats' favor such as the Scabbards and most of the Supernovas being able of injuring Kaido, with Marco joining them too early and easely despite having said at first that he wouldn't come, Yamato being created and helping the alliance immediatly, Big Mom still being as nerfed and toyed by the plot as much as during Whole Cake Island arc, Queen basically giving the cure to his virus to the alliance and immediatly turning on X-Drake to make him join his fellow Supernovas, not counting the full moon to boost the minks, the cheap and cringeworthy drama with Zeus, Big Mom and Perospero doing far more harm than help to the Beast Pirates, Tama having the ability to turn Smiles users into her servants, many Gifters joining the Alliance because Oda had Queen mock them instead of focusing on the fight and on Marco, King and Queen being restrained by plot armor and not a single Calamity even using his hybrid form, members of the Alliance being somehow capable of matching and fighting Kaido even in his hybrid form, the Big Mom Pirates still being stuck below the waterfall even if they should have easely crossed it a long time ago, etc...

This war is really the worst written and most anticlimatic in One Piece history, with no real tension or sense of danger, being nothing compared to Marineford in terms of danger and epicness, with even the battle of Fishman Island and the wedding cake chase being more climatic and exciting than this raid.

It also confirms my longtime feeling that a war between two Yonko, or between the Navy or one/two Yonkos or between the Navy or a Yonko crew vs the Warlords or the Revolutionary Army would be far more exciting and interesting that any war opposing one of the major powers to the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies.
Overall a really top comment, with should be said often around youtube and twitter(who basically sucking everything what Oda drawing)-
You make so good points why everything in this raid so far is bad.
As example few with I want explain more:
-Big mom pirates having two weeks time and only try to go over the climp in the day when the raid start, that is soooo bad, that is really a bad writing. They had basically two weeks but they wait and not climp the waterfall, waiting two weeks only to get over the waterfall in the moment when Marco was around here, only for Oda to cut them out of the war. That was really bad from Oda.
-xDrake getting attacked during a war, I mean wtf is this shit. Couldn´t Queen wait and clear up the war before he attack Drake for beeing a spy? I mean the moment is also funny, they knowing Drake beeing the one who save Law for weeks, but they attack im right now during the war? Why they didn´t do that before? Before the war start, wtf is this again for a nonsense. Same with the Bmps, Oda perfectly use the bad time to make such moves. Queen attacking Drake during a fucking war was sooo bad...

Two points who already give me headache, not to forget how Queen hate speech turn out 4000soldiers to change the side and helping the strawhats instance... Queen literally making anything bad, attacking Drake in wrongtime, give the heal virus Apoo without destroying it, make hate speech against his soldiers who change after that the side. Queen literally fucked up the Beast pirates.
If you think about all the plotholes,plotarmos with Oda use to make the war fair, it is sooo bad..

Counting everything so far, the raid wouldn´t even became a 5/10...
To many weak point with Oda created during the raid, is it really terrible, great post Buusatan, hope People wake more up and don´t fear to criticize Oda for such a terrible work during this raid...
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