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Uh oh, y’all had better get ready. If Yamato has AdCoC, then get ready to enter the point in the story where literally everyone has AdCoC, just as I predicted lol.

As if Oda hadn’t been fucking up enough lately, the only thing worse than actually introducing AdCoC into the story, is giving it to every relevant fighter in the New World, and that’s the route we’re heading towards lol.
At least this advanced CoC Luffy, Kaido and (potentially) Yamato are using seems to be the classical next powerup. I don't know why some went so crazy with it. And yeah if Yamato uses as well it might shape up to be not that uncommon in general lol

While I am sure that people like the other emperors and admirals have it and others as well, if every single notable person started having it, I don't think it would be an amazing thing. Advanced CoC has been greatly highlighted in his importance at least for Luffy to defeat Kaido. Yes, Luffy might bring out another gear to really overcome him and that has huge importance as well and I agree. But it doesn't change the fact that this new haki will have played a determinat role in Luffy's defeat of Kaido and is the sole reason/key of why Luffy even started to truly hurt Kaido. It seems the way to go, it's the key for him to bring Kaido down.

And even Kaido says that what Luffy needs to do is to refine his crude technique with it.

In the scenario @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung described about all the Advanced CoC users in the future, I see a dehype for the figure of Kaido and the buildup to take him down.

@Garps tekkai


Did you all really think that the big ass sword at onigashima is just for show? oda gonna showcased Kidd importance by making him slice kaido’s head with that sword.

KKK gonna make world’s mad
or maybe Luffy's CoC haki or Joy Boy's power can remotely move things and Luffy uses it :D
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