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"Zolo scarred Hybrid Kaido"

And Queen knocked BM unconscious, knocking someone out >>>>> scarring someone. K.O'ing someone using only your body requires literal hundreds of times more force than scarring someone with a sharp weapon.

So yeah get ready to see Sanji mid-diff the guy who K.O.'d a yonko :christnally:

Really isn't, people love to inflate this feat ignoring how little the scar actually was and how little impact it actually had on things. Queen K.O.'ing BM was much more significant feat and story wise.
That's not true when you are talking about Kaido who's has a nearly invincible body which is part of his power.

Kaido jumped off skypiea and land on the ground near the sea level and that didn't knock him out. He has only been scarred twice his entire life.
Nami get a power up by Zeus and Usopp got an haki grow in Dressrosa.

The issue here seems to me that you are waiting from Nami and Usopp things that they never show even pre-timeskip. They are not fighters who grow through every fight.
You are right they aren´t fighters, but this didn´t held Oda up from giving them 1on1 or 2vs1 battles in Alabasta,Enies lobby, two big arcs.
So they actually show such things, Usopp as example had also 1on1 fights, Luffy vs Usopp was one of the greatest battles between a strawhat member.

And you said it, Nami get Zeus and Usopp get haki grow in DR.
Since that I was hoped to see how they growing up with their new learned ability.
This is a arc of 400chapters of build up, for Nami and Usopp it would be important to let them grow up in this battle, going over their limit like we see in Alabasta or Enies lobby.

And their opponents where get is really worse,Pageone literally not have any move attack, Ulti just use one attack(named one) and the second one was never used...

For all four characters, such a rushed battle is really disrespectful, Nami and Usopp fans wait for so long to get this?
Really disappointed.
"Zolo scarred Hybrid Kaido"

And Queen knocked BM unconscious, knocking someone out >>>>> scarring someone. K.O'ing someone using only your body requires literal hundreds of times more force than scarring someone with a sharp weapon.

So yeah get ready to see Sanji mid-diff the guy who K.O.'d a yonko :christnally:
Your fanbase so starving for feats you’ll use things like Queen handling Olin and Sanji knocking out half dead Luffy in arguments, I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad...Oda really does y’all so dirty :perocry:
Why he isn't smart enough to not fall for that bs and ask for help from his crew instead believed her like a clown ?
Again his hands were tied, him "asking for help of his crew" would have changed nothing. Luffy still challenged BM, she was going to come after him regardless especially if Sanji DECLINED. Lose-lose situation

1- The last time i checked Zoro's strategy what saved them from mr2 imitation ; Sanji's brain couldn't come with that lmao
Feel free to check again, Sanji saved Vivi and the entire crew by leading Crocodile away. Sanji is the clutch king

Jinbei did nothing to nami instead he took the blame for arlong's wrong doing like a man even nami didn't take that in her heart instead clown sanji who had nothing related to the topic asked him to kill himself lmao
I agree Sanji was harsh, but this is not him being a bad crewmate. Remember, Sanji knows NOTHING about Jinbei at this point other than the fact that he was closely tied to the man that abused Nami throughout her entire childhood. Since that point, he has obviously calmed down and probably learned to value Jinbei assuming he knows all that he has provided to Luffy

So when Sanji attacked Vergo and kicked his metalic body didn't have his body cracked or show discomfort only after vergo attacked hil with his ankle where there is no muscles oh sanji had his leg cracked because because pathetic excuses where Usopp tanked that shit and still kicked around
Obviously, because during those points Vergo wasn't being serious. The moment Vergo went serious, we saw how easily Sanji cracked. We can know that this was due to his body being weakened before hand, Oda made it a point to demonstrate just a few chapters prior when Nami's gag-punch cripples him.

It's "headcanon" to assume Doflamingo's power level no matter where you put him because Oda has never clarified where Doflamingo stands in relation to other Yonko Commanders, Admirals, etc. It's all speculative until then and I speculate that due to Doflamingo requiring the main character + Law to take down, and his clash with Fuji, and his birdcage that he is low-admiral lvl or high-YC lvl.

Expectation : sensing someone powerful like BM and facing her

Reality :
He came to save a prostitute and got tagged by black tooth and didn't know about BM
We can assume Sanji's inability to sense the trap as a plot-induced L as it contradicts previous showings of Sanji's high CoO.

Before Sanji got caught in the trap, Sanji has shown the ability to:
- Locate Kin'emons torso in the middle of the ocean
- Sensed Kin'emon's intentions upon first meeting
- Sensed Tashigi being in danger from miles away
- Sensed Viola's intentions upon first meeting
- Sensed a Sniper and intercept 16 meters away
- Sensed Katakuri (YC1 CoO master)'s attack and dodge
- Sensed point-blank gunfire from the Priest
- Sensed Nekomamushi's aura within Capone Bege's castle
- Sensed the woman in the first place when Luffy and Jinbei didn't

That's 9 showings of high CoO that contradict the 1 bad showing of CoO. Going to assume that 1 bad showing to be for plot reasons lolol

After all that attack and spinning
Queen :
Judge's son .

Perospero :
Just fought 2 sulong fighters and said they would have beaten him if the moon is still there.

Peropspero :
He is still awake and saod perorin
Queen still got ragdolled in the most literal sense of the word, dude went spinning.

Yeah Pero said perorin but his eyes are rolled back and there's blood everywhere, Sanji still trashed him lul
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