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Kuzan is serving under BB and Kizaru is going to be killed by BB :kobeha: Ladmirals :kobeha:
Come on, Fenaker why are you using your alt to tell me this?
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Had nami used some kind of trickery - trapping ulti somehow then ulti's defeat would have been little satisfactory........the way it is BM and zeus defeated ulti , nami barely contributed :seriously:
Did you see the kizaru hype this chapter with the lasers and insides? Rip Kaido and big mom for sure :josad:
I don’t understand why people think Kizaru won’t get off screened what does he even bring or can bring? It actually makes more sense if he gets off screened because we can see the straw hats react to his death and know how strong Blackbeard has it be to defeat someone like him
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