Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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You let him chain your heart too?
So Who's Who was a former CP9 member and using rokushiki techniques

Is there a chance he could be in some kind of plot with the CP0? Makes me also wonder if Drake could know him, and speaking of which, I remember how I used to imagine Drake's rokushiki techniques as a former rear-admiral, but looks like Who's Who is the one displaying that instead

In either case, I'm even more interested in the way Oda will develop Who's Who's plot now. Possible that the 12 years time limit connect to something

It talks about a devil fruit and it coincidates with the time we heard Shanks's crew stealing the Gomu Gomu no MI to a pirate ship(it was 12 years ago when they met Luffy)

But 12years ago could also be linked to the time Fisher Tiger died, and judging by the potential link with Jinbei apparently having encountered him before, it might be more related to this
i mean yea i don't dispute it.. but Lucci is still some commander level material we're talking about.. it was hinted (not canon) in stampede that Lucci had to use iron body to stop a DJ clash..

still a formidable opponent ... top 3 Cp0's atleast...

Lucci and WW are ideal opponents for sanji's martial arts... i really wanted a show of martial arts POST TS seems like jimbe took the lime light here..

not that I'm mad
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