Who has the best Hybrid Form so far?

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i mean yea i don't dispute it.. but Lucci is still some commander level material we're talking about.. it was hinted (not canon) in stampede that Lucci had to use iron body to stop a DJ clash..

still a formidable opponent ... top 3 Cp0's atleast...

Lucci and WW are ideal opponents for sanji's martial arts... i really wanted a show of martial arts POST TS seems like jimbe took the lime light here..

not that I'm mad
Queen has the superior Kaku too, and is a cyborg like Kuma with a df, watch him do his own pasta machine
for me the mistake he did might be one that is just a story to make him join Kaido's crew as spy. just like X-drake did he used his DF to join the beast pirates.
so i might be true after all that he is a CP-agent .
My bet is that Lucci was the one who was suposed to get the Ancient Saber Tiger fruit, but Who's Who got it as a mistake, so he got locked up for it. Maybe they faked his escape from Impel Down so that he would join the Beast Pirates, but they actually wanted Lucci to get inside Kaido's crew.
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