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how long should we expect Chopper's side effect to last? maybe half an hour? he could be the perfect opponent for a weakened Page One :D


Same as Gear 3, so 10 minutes and 46.27 seconds
i mean the side effects of his rumble ball before Caesar's modification lasted very long , so now he can be in monster form for 30 minutes it would be nice that he can be normal after 30 minutes again so he can a fight against an opponent he can defeat.
Lol now it is a level up haki. Bruh the moment Jinbei got serious WW lost his fingers
What you mean when it get serious?
Dude was using fullbody haki, he was serious the whole time.
Or do you think he tank these Shigan Madara because it is funny for him to get pierced?

Zoro has never used lightning yet he scar Kaido
Zoro use CoC in his attack, also we can see something op aura shit when he cut Kaido(look around him):

And as I said you are not wrong: Black lightning not always mean a CoC or CoA thing, but when Oda hype the haki with black lightning, it was sure that the one who do it had a incredible haki. And Jinbe literally did what Katakuri did.
Get pierced in fullbodyhaki, lvl it up like Kata did and then WsW broke is finger, you can see before WsW was able to pierce Jinbe again and again, hope the chapter come out soon then we can see it even better.


You let him chain your heart too?
Looking at the entire raw scan again and it doesn't seem like the battle just ended. Sounds like a cliffhanger allowing Jinbei to see what's behind Who's Who's mask

If it stays this way however, I'd say it was overall a mid diff battle.

They clashed equally against each other for a while, with Who's Who pressuring Jinbei through his hardening defense from time to time, tanking some hits when overpowered, inflicting damage through his hardening here and there, apparently even having Jinbei momentarily on his knees, but with Jinbei overall dominating the moment he went full body haki form, breaking his fingers and damaging his wrist
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