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Editors: So Oda-sensei, in addition to Who's Who's vs Jinbei this chap, what else should we include?
Oda: Not to worry, I've already decided ;)
Editors: Kaido vs Yamato? Big Mom vs Kid and Law? King finally doing something? Queen showing off his hybrid form? Or maybe we could actually show more than one panel of Robin and Brook vs Black Maria?
Oda: lEt'S hAvE tAmA's GrOuP rUn AwAy FoR tHe 10th ChApTeR iN a RoW xDxD
It's times like these when Oda brings out the inner Charlotte Sky out of all of us :okay:
Well most of us predicted Jinbe v Jack at the beginning. Maybe Brook takes over Jinbe and fights a nerfed WsW?
Possibly? At this point either:

- Jinbe wins early
- Jinbe breaks the floor with this attack and it leads to Brook taking over the fight (he's below him)
- Oda focuses somewhere else and/or breaks away from normal tradition (just has Jinbe win early, no other fights, or he just focuses on another fight next chapter without ending this one)

Bakazuki Bakainu

The Seventh Wonder.
The way of the Wano Ninja Fishman
I need to see Jinbei Naruto running now. Water ninjutsu are my favourite too! Wish we saw more of what Tobirama could do with it...At least Jinbei is helping to make up for it, his moves at Marineford were AMAZING! And Kisame was the goat too!

Makes me wish all the more for a water DF or even logia and paramecia versions.
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