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I am mostly disappointed that next week is a break.

I understand that once Tama turned the tide of the war that she would be hunted. That's information that I can assume. I don't need it to be shown to me. Perhaps her panel time is less than what I am currently imaging.

I am glad that Oda is continuing to focus on Jinbei vs Who's Who. I believe their fight will be much quicker than Nami, Usopp, and Tama vs Ulti and Page One. Where did this idea that Sanji is the Sun God appear from? Remember everything has to connect to Luffy. The Sun God is probably Luffy's maternal uncle or something.
It's on purpose. If Oda waited to take his break after 1019, we'd have to wait 3 weeks for 1020.
Can anyone explain to me why everyone is saying that provaider is hiding the most interesting things ???? where these conclusions come from ???

Redon left out the translation of the initial Korean text in the parenthesis

여기서부터는 all 징베 v.s 후즈후
(전투씬 묘사 전부 뺌)

* From here on, all Jinbe v.s Who's Who
(All descriptions of battle scenes have been removed
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