Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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I would prefer people believing Sanji is the Pirate King than believing Viz translations are the best way to settle facts.
Viz in latest years started good, but then they started to try to translate dialog in a uique way from earlier spoilers which ruined their translation…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they translated the Sanji is Wings of Pirate king into “feathers of pirate king” just to sound different
From TalkOP

- The illusions Robin and Brook see are of people they miss. In Robin's case wee the back of a giant and a white haired woman. But not their faces In Brook's it is many people from his crew from the back, but also unknown people wearing odd armor. No faces again. Brook is unable to attack any of them, but Robin dispels the illusion by attacking her loved ones which in return defeats Black Maria's suboridinates.
What 106 posted :
"Robin saw the illusion of someone she misses.
contrary Brook's concerns , Robin attacked the illusion of missing person.
The truth behind the illusion, it's from Black Maria's subordinates."
it seems brook felt concern about Robin
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