Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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I wonder how Yamato fans are looking at these spoilers :neesama:
She wants to explore the world, Oden was in the PK crew for the last part pour tc I think there are more signs of her joining than the contrary but we never know
I mean even Carrot wants to see the world but it doesn't confirm anything about her joining the strawhats
Cause he was a vinsmoke
that was post-zou scenario.. post-wci involved him causing a ruckus in WCI with his crew..i doubt his post-wci bounty has remotely anything to do with Vinsmokes in terms of negotiating with the government to increase bounty since they revoked their position as a kingdom ultimately.. tho he was involved with Vinsmokes and saving them but thats not what the government would focus on.. its the culmination of what happened in Wci and to what degree he was involved in.. post-Wci bounty is due to his own accomplishments if there was a bounty after the arc... even tho he didn't beat a formidable and notorious opponent in government's eyes, he did enough to earn it.. if he'd beaten Oven and Daifuku together his bounty would arguably would have been over Jimbe atm
He got boosted because Morgan stated that he lead Germa 66 in the fight against Big Mom.

Unless you think being a vinsmoke is worthy of a 143 billion bounty alone which makes no sense when being the son of Dragon didn’t give Luffy a major power boost
Headcannon sanji himself said it was because of the vinsmoke name there was nothing about him actually doing anything you made that up.
Yes, Sanji, after WCI, said it only went up due to Vinsmoke's infamy.

Probably other elements from WCI also included- but that played a big part, as well. Sanji literally stated so.
actually , ı did not understand bounty system. How do Judge manipulate Sanjis bounty ? I am confused about it . I thought All poster should be confirmed by marines.
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