Will ZKk Happen?

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So can we finally let the "Mid 3 did not get powerups and were always Veteran level" rest in peace. Robin was confirmed not to have CoA back in Punk Hazard, when Luffy said just Zoro, Sanji and himself can even touch Caesar.


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forget about Zoro not getting ZKK, do you guys really think would be satisfactory to watch Momo just grow the fuck up by a Devil Fruit and defeat Kaido out of nowhere?

hell, make Shinobu give 1 year to Luffy or Zoro and they turn into Yonkou level by this logic.

This devil fruit is absolutely BS.

Even better, just turn Kaido into a fucking old man that can't even walk anymore.

for fuck sake.
That Momo kills Kaido? Bro Law didn’t even defeat Doffy, don’t ppl think this is a stretch
No, but in the legend of Momotaro, Momotaro defeats the bandit leader of an island called Onigashima (literally) with a mythical monkey, dog, and pheasant.

If Momo takes Luffy to the roof, since Yamato is already there, we’d now have the monkey (luffy), the dog (Yamato), and Momotaro (Momonosuke). Since the only thing missing is the pheasant, that implies Marco would leave King for Kaido, and who do you think is going to take over that fight?
i don’t see the point of momo aging up because he still wouldn’t be a combatant because he has no training and has barely used his devil fruit…
Unless oda is suddenly pulling the biggest ass pull of all time..
Also momo giving up years of his life feels weird to me
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