Will ZKk Happen?

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I think he will not be more powerful. Maybe even weaker.
I hope he will at least stand by that standard haha.

Though Kin'emon is probably the most experienced samurai which however might still not mean he will be revealed as stronger than Momo if plot wishes to.

I think the Ame no Habakiri plot smells like a compelling one and Momo will probably let us see good things.


The Road To Harmony
We all saw this coming with Momo.

He and other characters have stressed the importance for him to grow up. However, I always held on to the hope it would be more figurative than literal. That Momo would be on the course of growing up via his actions. I don't like forcing it in this manner.

Well, at least he'll be ready to take on the AMH now.
Damn, Kaido is going to beat Momo like he did Oden. Momo is not about to surpass Zoro.

This right here.
The Ame no Hibakri is linked to Orochi's devil fruit. Momo's opponent was always going to be Orochi.
Someone still has to defeat Orochi and with Kinemon out adult Momo is the perfect opponent. He has a sword that is linked to Orochi in mythology.
>Zoro will fight Queen, Sanji fights King
>Zoro will not go on roof
>Zoro will just play support and nothing impressive (lol hakai)
>Zoro will not scar Kaido
>iT's aLl eNma

And now; Momo, the dude with snake-slayer of heaves, will fight Kaido over Zoro rather than just lift the island and kill Orochi :kobeha:

Here, hold it in advance, because you people getting it next chapter anyway... much like the collection you've gotten since start of Onigashima

Why do people like kid Momo?

Take the ZKK agenda out, Momo being an adult is a good thing and has been hinted at for the longest
mature momo was teased once in zoo, but in regards to shinobu's df ability we were given misleading info (rot) which is just bad writing.
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