Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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I'm not- Oh Well, it's just stupid debating with you when you aren't even getting my point. Go on, read and discuss the series you hate for the rest of the years, lol.
Dude how about take your own advice my guy, you literally replied to me, I never replied to you. Like I said drop worstgen and stop being a hypocrite.


The Rogue Prince
Its the Luffy opponent syndrome

- Kaido looks far better in portrayal and competence than Big Mom even though they are "equal"

- Lucci looks far better in portrayal over WsW even without Haki and they were supposedly "equal".

- Crocodile is by far one of the weakest Shichibukai and was ironically portrayed as some sort of equal to Doflamingo at Marineford (which we know is not true)

Same could be said for any Yonko commander comparing to Katakuri. Luffys opponents last far longer page to page because Oda makes Luffy struggle the most and gives him 15 chapter fights.
dawg what is this avi???
did you lose a bet or something?
I have to respect Kid. His durability might actually be better than that of Luffy.
He tanked a Yonko punch to the face, tanked Apoos attack, freshest one out of the rooftop battle and now withstood Hawkins voodoo attacks that have canonically ko everyone.
Freshest because he bailed from fighting Kaido soonest

Hawkins has only taken one shot fodder hostage to this point but now he has taken Kid. Since Kid is captive that means Hawkins is strong enough to control a yc. It’s impressive from Hawkins gotta say
Let's see one has an ability from his race that gives him ace devil fruit powers
Ace is fire and can produce an infinte amount of fire
Nothing can compare to that

It's like saying BM can have all DF powers she only have a part of them
Pushing a boat is great but it's not like he defeated BMP in an 1 vs
Even more when the boat is climbing a fall
Sure King portrayal is great he have a lot of abilities but
Queen did put BM at sleep
He literally said he was toying with Chopper
Tanked a beating from O-Lin
Can use Laser like Kizaru's one
Worked with the greatest scientifics of OP (All of them can make powerful weapons)

Both have their own abilities

And as I said King >Queen but it's for now not a mid-diff
What's your point ?
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