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Show me one damage Marco received from King on screen, because Marco still fighting against an army while King just try stop him, and he can't do that any moment, this is the fact, Marco just humiliated King, heal everyone and fight against King and Queen at the same time, nothing will change that, y'all can cry and accepted that.
Hate? Robin legit said wingS, with a fucking "S". Shut up with your "hate". Now being suited to be Luffy's wingS means that he is only one wing?
What about the SBS tho? And Stephen Paul, the official translator literally said in his podcast that he didn't put 'One of the wings' because it's too long and it was focused more on Sanji but both work. But no, suddenly the translator's words don't mean anything as his podcast isn't a part of the series. Yes, hate.
Diable Janbe Sanji, plz at least look pics.

And King is so much stronger than Queen, lol.
Animal King's casual nameless attack stomped RS Sanji into the ground and left him there for an entire chapter.
Hybrid Queen is still unable to seriously threaten Base Sanji.
Do the math.

Not to mention that a few chapters ago Sanji got a named Diable Janbe attack free shot with surprise factor on Queen who was focused on Chopper etc...

... and Queen, in Animal Form, weaker than Hybrid, still easily tanked and got up as if was nothing.
Lmao dude what are you even saying. Stop making your self look like a clown. There is a reason both of them are being portrayed together. There is no reason to wrote them as a bickering duo of similar status and group them 2 together if the gap between them is anything more than miniscule. Sanji was holding a literal child and got caught off guard by king. If that isn't being heavily nerfed I don't know what is. And of course queen and king are gona be tabky as all fuck. King is gona walk off that rengoku onigiri just like queen will walk off that mutton shot(a mid tier low effort attack from sanji). It doesn't mean anything seeing as they are both gona be put down eventually by them. Plus, animal forms arnt less durable you clown. They are tougher if anything, and provide less battle versatility.
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