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Didn’t Marco literally just eat Akainu and Kizaru’s attacks when he was fighting them?
So you haven't actually read the manga? Why the fuck am I not surprised. Though I expect you to repeat your retarded takes like you weren't corrected.
Didn’t Kuzan lose a leg?
Yes, Kuzan was the one who received the most damage and could have been killed by Akainu.
Marco haters trying their best again I see. There's literally not a single panel of King or Queen damaging Marco on panel. In every exchange they were getting clowned by him. Will be funny once the translation confirms that Marco was drained off his stamina by healing the Live floor.

But I gotta say that King and Queen look Raw in this chapter, that's what we needed the entire time.
What about the SBS tho? And Stephen Paul, the official translator literally said in his podcast that he didn't put 'One of the wings' because it's too long and it was focused more on Sanji but both work. But no, suddenly the translator's words don't mean anything as his podcast isn't a part of the series. Yes, hate.
Viz: "wingS"
And you cling to stuff that was said years and years ago like it is still true. Ok then, following said logic and I can still say that Zoro is equal to Luffy because they both had a 5 in strength and the events of Whiskey Peak even tho said stuff happened so many years ago. Stuff can change, accept it.
Lmao dude what are you even saying. Stop making your self look like a clown. There is a reason both of them are being portrayed together. There is no reason to wrote them as a bickering duo of similar status and group them 2 together if the gap between them is anything more than miniscule. Sanji was holding a literal child and got caught off guard by king. If that isn't being heavily nerfed I don't know what is. And of course queen and king are gona be tabky as all fuck. King is gona walk off that rengoku onigiri just like queen will walk off that mutton shot(a mid tier low effort attack from sanji). It doesn't mean anything seeing as they are both gona be put down eventually by them. Plus, animal forms arnt less durable you clown. They are tougher if anything, and provide less battle versatility.
yo wtf lol. when they showing together doesnt mean they are close from strenght or something lmao

base king neg diffed Rs sanji and he KOd with nonnamed attack
then queen pathetic fodder cant block base sanjis kick while Sanji need to Rs for block Kings kick which aimed at 8years old kid stilll he end up by Getting Knockout

yo YC1 are different level that pathetic queen barely YC3. mf got KO by 2hits from bigmom

dont fucking even Put Queen with rooftop killer level lol
What's with all this Marco slander :whitepress:

He was literally carrying the entire Live Floor on his back while everybody else was either running around Onigashima aimlessly, or on the roof getting swatted by Kaido. Put some respect on his name. He's done more than enough
Marco has been low key trolling ever since he gave that note to Neko, acting like he wasn't coming or something and i love it!
And King lost his sword for a shot kkkkkkkkkk the great King.

And deal 0 damages on Germa's Raid Suit, the great King 🥴🥴
is this something funny?
king KO weakling sanji he been dead around whole chapter lol

Sanji fodder need RS to clash with base king kick which aimed at 8years old kick

shit gap is fucking massive lol
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