Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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is this something funny?
king KO weakling sanji he been dead around whole chapter lol

Sanji fodder need RS to clash with base king kick which aimed at 8years old kick

shit gap is fucking massive lol
Isn't it obvious though? I don't understand how people think King and Queen are same level. Look at Katakuri and Cracker, It took Luffy new advancement in observation haki to beat him and in the end it was all mentality, Ben was mentioned to have similar presence as Shanks why not include 2nd commander as if he was equal to Ben, The pirate king crew had another king, the dark king another legend. Let's not even mention how King hasn't even used any named attack or Hybrid, he is just chilling and looks more fresh than at the beginning of the raid
Fodder control is exactly what they do after their fights when they are "fine" lol.

The story is painting zero direction in the crew being involved in fighting Kaido. We literally got an announcement of Momo saying Luffy will win and reassuring the army.

Now I can see several strawhats fighting Jack ala Oars style, because he's solely what is left.
Usopp,Nami,Brook,Franky and Jinbe fight Jack.
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