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I hope your real self isn't as ridiculous as your forum one, for your own good since you look like a joke to proper people. And this isn't "lies".

By the way, just the last nail on your attempt at using your brain: a post in which I state I believe King to be stronger than Queen.
You remind me of @JazzMazz lmfao
Stop lying.


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Just wait dude, we see now is Calamities, we will reach in boths, just wait, don't hyper boths, calm down, people was hyping up Marco so much, look now.
Or you can find my power scaling of all commanders from years ago and you would see that nothing changed, Marco is where I said he would be - below King. Oda cant fool me with storytelling like he does to most others. Ben and Shiryu are top tiers and Shiryu is the stronger of the two. Now you can reach for the correct placing, you are welcome. :myman:
Lol I think Laffite should be Zoro's opponent, Shiryu is just some shady guy.
Where did that come from, lol? I never saw anyone pair Lafitte with Zoro. Shiryu is Blackbeard's Oden, the 2nd commander and a top tier. Zoro is the only one who can stop him if Shiryu's Awakening is clearing the aura. Potentially the most broken character...
King laid Marco out this chapter in base
Queen is in hybrid
King is yet to use swordsmanzhip and haki and hybrid
Not adding up
Heck he still waiting for his bounty lmfao queen ain't shit.
Sanji said it's hard to fight both, Marco says more than once he can't fight "THEM" anymore, Sanji was the one who made Queen pull Hybrid, both King and Queen mention Marco in this chapter similarly like they were the ones who knocked Marco out, everything King did until now he had Queen alongside with him, even his first hit at Marco was due to the fact that Marco was focusing on Queen.

Thats all not for the sake of a clown came to say King is incomparable to Queen based on absolutely nothing, to SOMEHOW downplay Sanji obviously, and now cuz Zoro is fighting Calamities (they think it's a 1vs1 against King) thats the whole agenda.
That being said,

We know Sanji and Zoro are wings, and same level.

Even in this chapter, Sanji, Zoro's equal, says that he can't take both King + Queen at the same time inside of 1 chapter only.

Marco was soloing King + Queen for 20 chapters, doing damage, while not getting bleed by King or Queen in return.

How many chapters do you guys think Rooftop Zoro could solo King + Queen?

I believe 2 or 3 chapters at best, Rooftop Zoro would be down against King + Queen in 2 v 1.
It must be really sad and lonely when you have to respond to your post because it's full of so much BS.
The haters are trying hard to cliam King and Queen are equal because they stand beside each other or are fighting at the same location. This is turning back into the "the 3 SN captains are equal" because they stood beside each other and attack the same ship.

Can't wait to see what's more to come.
I love them arguing this since I can argue that law kidd luffy zoro and killer are all the same level since they were fightingbthe same 2 persons as well


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I like how King's evolution during this arc.
He was first: "Damn, King and Queen are just like Kaku and Jabura. Dude even dealt with BM's ship alone"
Then: "King the background. Doesn't do shit. Does he even have Haki to hurt Marco? Calamities are trash. Marco soloing both"

Marco literally took King's attack like its nothing, Queen needed to help King in 2 v 1 again.

- Moved faster than both King and Sanji while saving Zoro, then showed better CoO than King.

- Note that: He was soloing King + Queen for 20 chapters, and doing damage to both.

Marco > King is certain at this point.

The question is, how many chapters Rooftop Zoro could take King + Queen at the same time? 3 chapters maximum, then Zoro would lose like he did against Nerfed Killer + Gyukimaru.
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