Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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If Marco used haki yes it would have been impressive, but cutting or going past Marco's body isn't a proof of AP, he lets everybody do it because of his regen
King most likely possesses very high level CoA and is a swordsmen who are usually very lethal i doubt the result would have been much different even if Marco coated himself.
It's possible because when Rocks was the captain of Rocks Pirates, Kaido and others was not at their prime so Strahawts can surpass this team at this period. About BB crew i think Zoro,Sanji,Jinbei primes can be stronger than Marco,Jozu,Vista
BB not WB, even Oda said BB pirates are his favorite and he would like to join BB pirates if he was strong.
God, I’ve seen so many dumb as fuck takes in the last few hours.

Queen = King
King > Kizaru
Katakuri beating King + Queen together

Can people just not fucking read???
No one said Katakuri's combat capability exceeds both of them combined, because in a war setting King, Queen together can do more damage than Katakuri.

But if they have 0 counters to Future Sight and are just big walking targets, how will they win? There is a reason Katakuri was undefeated.
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