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Katakuri literally said he has trouble with long fights.

If you think he can defeat two characters significantly stronger than base Luffy (who ate Kata’s attacks for 11 hours) that BOTH have higher bounties than him, in under 2 hours, you’re an idiot.
I'm not saying he will defeat both of them in a 2v1 but that he would do better than Marco because of his abilities
- A Luffy who hasn't even learnt basic CoO could dodge Mihawk's slashes in Marineford.
- Sengoku's punch not outright killing Luffy.
- Mr 1 standing up after a Mihawk slice.
- Ace not fodder stomping Smoker in Alabasta.
- When Kanjuro escaped with Momo, any one of the people present there could easily stop. Hell, Law could've effortlessly shambled him, lol.

Oda cares about the narrative much more than actual power levels. That's just facts.
Lol non of what you mentioned are inconsistent showings.

> What made you think Sengoku's punch could kill Luffy when Kizaru's kick couldn't kill Luffy?
> What made you think M1 couldn't block a slash from Mihawk when manga has stated that a swordsman must choose to cut something?
> What made you think Ace could when Ace stated that a fight between smoke and fire would be useless?
> This is not a powerscaling feat because there was no battle.

Powerscaling is down to knowledge of the material. Oda cares about narrative just as much as the power structures established. He can't magically make Nami block Hakai because "narrative"
Don't go passing your headcanon as fact

You don't even understand the point you are making.
Non of these mean powerscaling is based on narrative. In fact it proves the opposite.
These scenarios show that if you were going to powerscale Luffy I'm relation to Enel, Croc , Moria and Oars, Luffy wasn't stronger than any of them.

This shows your lack of knowledge about the manga.
Even Oda had to come out to state that there's no trade off when Luffy uses G4 that he can't move.
He can always move after G4 as the author and the manga states.
Therefore, the fact that he couldn't move against Doffy but could've against others is down to one thing "Damage"

That's why you fell victim to thinking the Tobi Roppo weren't defeated.
Everything is based on the plot. Powerscaling is based on the plot. Growth warranted by plot is always demonstrated / stated...growth warranted by fans is always based on headcanon
....I'm literally tell you growth is warranted by plot and "powerscaling" does not work the way you think it does. That's somehow headcanon on my end? Giving you legit examples of where powerscaling is nonexistent and is deemed by the plot? I gave you like 10 examples from the series where yes, clearly Luffy won because of plot. Lmao what nonsense are you even spouting right now?

I didn't fall victim to shit. The transitions were still off and I repeatedly mentioned that if 1022 addressed it, it made sense that the F6 were down. Now here we are. None of my arguments were about expecting WsW or Sasaki to be stronger
Are we discussing wether or not Kata is the most pathetic 1st commander?
Yes, he is the weakest of the 5
Nothing indicates King is better than Kata yet.

King is too easy to hit and Sanji took his attacks with no problem.

No one could touch Kata only except for Marco, who is extremely fast, faster than King and Sanji.
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