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ACoC out of his arse is anything but consistent.
Luffy ryou practice is a training tool of already goated levels of Luffy CoC. Nothing else. :kayneshrug:
Zoro should be the last one when one should mention anything related to consistency. From 'sleeping to nameless stab' to blocking hakai in the same arc. Can steal someone else style without even knowing the mechanism behind.


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Asura is a technique, Kikitoryu is the stye, just like Iitoryu, Nitoryu and Santoryu are and just like Fox-fire style is.
- Then you say FFS isn't a power up, and Ashura is... contradicting.- And say FFS and SW are situational techniques, yet Zoro has only used Kikitortryu in particular situations under particular circumstances, on a total of 3 occasions only... contradicting.
You are partially right and partially wrong. The style he learnt was yes, Kitsunebi-ryu.

The move of Kinemon that Zoro learnt/replicated wasn't FFS. He learnt/used two moves - Kitsunebi-ryu: Homurasaki and Kitsunebi-ryu: Rokudo no Tsuji. He learnt Homurasaki from Kinemon but he already used Rokudo no Tsuji against the Kraken while on the journey to FMI. He just improvised and used Rokudo no Tsuji in combination with Kitsunebi-ryu to cut fire. Kinemon has never used Rokudo no Tsuji.

So I didn't contradict myself. He learnt only one technique from Kinemon - Kitsunebi-ryu: Homurasaki.


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I think King is gonna be like V from V for Vendetta.

His body is gonna be full of scars and burn marks, with all the crazy experiments and tortures he had to deal with when he was a prisioner from the WG.

That's why he hides his body with a complete suit and mask.

It's also why he himself got into torture and stuff.
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