Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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King's feats are significantly above Queen and Katakuri. Dude tanked an attack significantly stronger than one which cleaved Kaido's scales like butter.

I get it, you're down bad because your agenda crumbled to dust, but no need to lash out at people and insult them in your saltiness. Maybe go take a nap?
King finally has base CoC, to match Kat.
he is still missing advanced unique almost undefeatable haki, I'll let that slide as he's Lunarian instead
he is still missing awakening to match Kat, I believe it's possible but that will only put him on level with Kat, not above.
King did a cross block, he didn't "tank" it. The same attack was instantly regenerated on a hakiless non blocking Dragon Kaido.

King and Queen are in the same crew and their bounties are 5% apart. Stop pretending like he's close to Kaido, he's not.


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Oda wrecking zoro and miihawk downplayer in just one ship:milaugh:

Imo oda is clearly establishing that king is closer to kaido than to queen just like oda always established that zoro is closer to luffy.

And, that explosion could either be a fire attack or CoC clash between king and zoro.

And, did oda made zoro called sanji his best friend? So much for so called rivals:usoprice::milaugh::milaugh:


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again you made that shit up and you're continuing to do so.. dont point fingers while blighting your own mouth like a dog barking at passersby.. have you no self-respect fam?
Talking about self-respect after switching faves depending on who gets hyped in whatever chapter.

Keep crying poor lanji boy.
King: "Are you really going to try to become a 'king'?
- Zoro: "Of course ... I have a debt to honor to my captain and my best friend !!!"

If you think Kingu doesnt have COC after this then I don't know what to tell you
King downplayers took many Ls
Don't forget your own L's you have been talking a lot of crap since ch 1032 dropped "Zoro was not on King level" :holdthisl:
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