Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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I knew Kaido and BM were the filler Yonkos, but even I did not expect Oda to just delete them like that.
:ihaha: Kinda curious to see the BMP and what BM's vivre card is looking like right now.

But alas....
It's over. We can be at peace now.
Filler yonko having 10 years build up , biggest arcs

You guys really don't know much
Shanks won't even get more than 30 chapters arc if he gets one even
Zoro plotline still isn't over?! Since some fans keep telling me Wano is over why continue that plotline if it's pointless. I guess Oda didn't get the memo form the fans who know more about One Piece than him.

Instead of showing Big Mom and more importantly Kaido burning to death in the magma. Having Kaido smile and comment that he's going to boil to death like Oden he shows us silhouettes of them in the magam. Then showed a giant explosion of magma, black smoke, and lightning. Why is Oda drawing all those pointless scenes since it's over.

Momo chose to not open up the borders. Why? I thought the whole point was open up the borders. Joyboy defeat Kaido so open up the borders for Joyboy.

It's almost like he's waiting for more to occur in Wano before he can open up the borders.
The high astonishing all encompassing ultra iper ginormously glaring Lord Zoro shall unleash a level of potency that will shock the foundations of most downplayers' delusions who are confined in a bubble of bias disallowing their brains to process the right patterns.

He is the true ultimate Lord, the chosen one that shall ultimately surpass even Prime Ryuma.
Dude please stop being cringe
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Can you please do yourself and everyone a favor and just stop your nonsense?
Well, it seems remaining plots are:

- Show adult Momonosuke finally, and his speech as Shogun, and his meeting with her sister Hiyori.

- Update on remaining Scabbards, Kin'emon (meeting his wife), Kikunojo, Izo and Adhura Douji. We need to see who died and who was only highly wounded.

- Zoro getting up and talking to Tenguyama Hitetsu (maybe he will reveal as Kozuki Sukiyaki too, and the musterious Kokeshi dolls) and Onimaru. More info about Ryuuma, swords and probably more Shimotsuki Yasuinand Ushimaru.

- Marco, Izo (if he gets up and it's not reslly dead) and Jinbe telling us interesting things.

- Zuneesha and World Government stuff. Will they land now on Wano, call for back up Marines/Buster Call, will retreat or will they be sunk?

- CP0 who escaped informs the Gorosei directly, or he talks to Rob Lucci or someone on the ships at Wano borders.

- Wano Phoneglyph.

- X Drake and Basil Hawkins status.

- Maha and CP0 "boss" status.

- Apoo escaping and sells Morgans the new information.

- Caribou's true intentions, and probably his boss finally revealed.

- Yamato reveals to Wano citizens and probably they will go mad for a while until Luffy, Momonosuke and maybe the Scabbards tell them she's not an enemy.

- Oden's journal maybe finally read properly.

- Maybe another party.

- Act III ends or directly Wano arc ends giving us our revelations about the outside.

I think I have nothing more left here.

So, how many chapters, my dudes?
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Like I said, @Outlaw, it’s just not the same engaging with him, he’s less coherent than the other one 🥱
Ignoring the dumb insulting clown @Outlaw
@Jew D. Boy Do you seriously believe Yamao catching Luffy from sky is a point toward her joining? Like that matters at all. Rebecca caught Luffy after Doflamingo fight but in the end Rebecca wasn't joining. You can believe she is joining but catching fainted Luffy isn't a favor for her joining.
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