What the best thing in the chap ?

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The reason Whitebeard commander survive longer when fighting admirals is because they are stronger than beast pirates.

Marco >=< king
jonz > queen
Vista > king
The reason Whitebeard commanders survived longer is because they were fresh, at 100% HP. While King and Queen are at 3% HP, they never reveived any treatment yet after Zoro & Sanji defeated them.

You will see it when raw is out. King and Queen will be in bad condition.
To save us all the powerscailing bullshit, let's all agree that:
All Admirals can extreme-diff one another :pepebusi:
If you get be some good Bink's Sake, you could convince me that Kizaru/Fujitora would stomp Akainu. Magma/lava can't erupt if gravity is pushing down on it, and a volcanic eruption can't hurt light.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Admirals were designed to oppose each other on extremes like that, even though I know you were mostly joking.
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