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So greenbull look impressive and not even trying. He told these people , he will leave after he get luffy head.
‘Still able to trap all samurais including Yamato .

‘Foreshadowing luffy vs greenbull in future. arc

Did anyone notice greenbull didn’t bleed all theses attack he took from this chapter?
‘Fire is advantage against plants. But greenbull can resist to fire but not immune to fire. Yet he didn’t bleed from Momo attack.

Athough Momo pride is stupid and could cause death more people. So shanks save Momo and his friends.

The translation from tcb scan look weird than raw translataction, but whatever.

Nice lore on wano
Sooo how exactly do you lose the walls? Guessing there will be a convenient switch but that would be boring..
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This chapter also confirms something that I and I alone have been wondering for 80 chapters now—is Sasaki a fishman?

No, Jack is the only fishman in the crew going be the dialogue of this chapter
Jack was in the crew longer considering he was there when they first took over Wano.
Shanks the hakiman is real. Shanks making marines back down again:endthis:

In two chapter, Oda destroyed admiral agenda. Last chapter was the revolutionary. Now, its Shanks Kaido and Momo. Aramaki will solo the alliance lmao. Oda got tired of the dumb admiral wank

All those years of headcanon down the drain. The in "depth analysis", long essay just destroyed in a couple of chapters . Admiral wanker in shamble

I love how luffy, zoro and sanji standing back to see how momo and scabbards would do against an admiral

Glorius chapter. The final saga is already off to a good start