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All out isn’t written in the original
お頭ァ‼︎ 急な覇気やめてくれ!!
He’s just saying don’t do it so suddenly
I was pretty sure that was the case as you say.

Here's another confusion that you could maybe clear up. In the other version Sukiyaki says "I have told you everything that was passed down the generations", but this one says "Everything I have told you was passed down the generations." The former makes more sense to me, but it implies there's nothing else for Sukiyaki to reveal.
I mean, imagine if it made GB sweat, be startled for a bit, swallow saliva and shit... that would be what I expected.

But this shit? My man screamed, begged "wait wait", was paralized, trembling, scared out of his mind, almost crying (snot) and passing out (white eyes), also prob pissed his pants :suresure:

An Admiral!! All of this with the trick to knock out fodders :ronalaugh:

Dude literally surrended (raising hands) :fujilaugh:
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The thing is... who says Oda is setting them up for endgame?
For most of the fanbase, it's either them or the Blackbeard Pirates. I believe it'll be the WG since they've been bigger villains than the BB Pirates over the course of the entire series and in the context of the OP world. So yeah, I think there's a fair chance the Admirals will at the very least be the second-to-last villains in the series.