Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Do shanks Stan’s not realize how pathetic it is to grasp at straws go around the world and back and make no lead way?
shanks only been seen using a sword
Mihawk is the strongest sword user
No matter what haki shanks has on his sword he won’t beat mihawk
That's what Mihawk was referring to though.. Surpassing each individual Yonko is harder than surpassing him..
No. He saying becoming the pirate king is greater. Not that every step on the journey is harder then surpassing him. He never says defeating the yonko is harder. Getting to the grand line is part of the journey to be pirate king. Is going over reverse mountain harder then defeating Mihawk?
Such a funny chapter and you guys have nothing better to do than fight over which fictional character is "stronger" in embarassing ways that I never thought were possible ...

Shame on you!
*imagine the walk of shame bell here*

PS: It's Shanks.
It only created a 3 billion bounty + Yonko spot by being stronger than Mihawk. :steef: Yonko > Mihawk finally confirmed. :endthis:

Yonko are so terrifying that Mihawk instead wants to be a Yonko Commander :gokulaugh::suresure:
rival of shanks former roger pirates and master mind behind CG worth 3.189
one that surpass shanks and WSS 3.59
do the math your self
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