Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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Dumb argument since Shanks lost his entire arm to no one of significance or importance to the story. Shanks has also not defeated any high tiers let alone top tiers on panel that we have seen. But do you think I would be dumb enough to say that he couldn't? No. But apparently you are dumb enough to think thay mihawk can't?
He could defeat greenbull i guess and possibly vista? Other than those two I’m not really sure
The difference is kaido and milhawk when Brannew talk while reveal the bounty

Brannew call kaido as king of the beast from 957 chapter. Not Kaido, the strongest creature. Yonko except buggy have strong single strength like big mom, Whitebeard. Kaido is strong enough to become emperor of the sea.

Then same Brannew literally state mihawk is world strongest swordsman and is stronger than shanks as literally fact. So in mihawk > shanks by defaults

Mihawk title have more credit than kaido title .
Nothing they have done should put their bounties above Luffy’s that’s for sure
There's a lot that goes into bounties though and each case is different. Feats-wise, Luffy "should" have the highest bounty in the series because he defeated the person with the highest active bounty.

But there are a lot of ways to explain why his bounty isn't there yet:
1) The WG purposely kept his bounty low in order to keep hiding the return of Nika
2) They accredited the downfall of Big Mom + Kaido to Luffy, Law and Kid collectively (without differentiating) and split the bounties 3 ways.
3) It simply takes years of being in the game to build up your bounty into such high ranges.

When Brannew revealed the Yonko bounties, it was explicitly mentioned that Shanks is the youngest and has only been a Yonko for 6 years. A lot of people took that as an explanation for why his bounty was the lowest of the original 4.

Also, Blackbeard did so fucking much across the entirety of the series, yet he still only has/had a bounty of 2.2B as a "rookie" Yonko.

Mihawk & Croc have been in the game for decades. Even if they have no singular "feat" that matches up to what Luffy just did, their experience is something the WG likely values considerably.
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