One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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Yea I'd say if there was ever a time to explore Vegapunk it would be now, considering we got reminded about him with the Angel stuff.
I'm hoping for Vegapunk to be involved here as well
Yup! My biggest worry was Oda rushing to some sort of end with Laugh Tale and the Final War and not giving the very clearly set up plotlines their time of day. Vegapunk is by far one of the most important characters in the series, and if that's truly next, then I'm glad.

With Bonney being around, I'm hoping Kuma teleports himself to his facility, so we can address that plotline as well and the foreshadowing Franky had about him being an enemy.
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Was it bad luck or did Im Sama masquerade it as that but wanted to wipe out Sabo because he found out about his/her identity
I'm going by the Gorosei dialogue. They very clearly were going to destroy the island anyway, and didn't know where he was until the Marines intercepted the call. It was just bad luck. That island was fucked regardless.
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I literally don't care.
That post had nothing to do with zoro as a character.
I mean, you are still wrong because this chapter has some of the best character faces Oda has drawn in years.
By the way on topic of Carrot again, I wanted to point out something that maybe could give some people that want Carrot for Nakama or just want a proper send off to Carrot, a bit of hope for it.

Aside from what I pointed out in my previous message about how Carrot could still join, as Neko and Inu did with Whitebeard by staying 3 days undiscovered, there's actually another thing to keep in mind when having an arc finished in One Piece. Luffy and the crew always give a send of to important or relevany characters to them or just in the story. For some reason in Wano, the Minks and Carrot didn't get one. Therefore there must be something with them, to not get one.

Yo may point out characters like the Scrabbards or Hiyori not getting one, but I just don't feel as they are that connected to the Strawhats as the Minks were, at least that's what I think.

Here's someone who pointed out, each and every send off there have been in One Piece since it began, so that you see how odd it is that Oda hasn't given them an actual send off, specially to Carrot (if she isn't in the Sunny that is).

The chances are slim, but not impossible.

Note: It's in Spanish, so you'll have to constantly translate it.