One Piece Chapter 1065 "The Six Faces of Vegapunk"

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Tbh, I really liked the buildup in this chapter.

From we seeing the tech to seraphim jinbei fighting SHs and then to the island of the past.

And, everything pales when we see that gigantic robot. We already knew Ancient civilization was advanced but I think what we witnessing is just icing on the cake

These seraphims are something special - Kuma genes + Lunarian+ Df + Cyborg+ Warlords traits and they didn't even reach to their max potential lol

He literally took Sanji + Robin+ Radical beam and still nothing happened to him

Usopp was funny with "I'm Vegapunk" lol

Nice chapter
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Even Vegapunk turned out to be a fraud who stole the work of ancient civilizations
No one is safe from Goda
It was already clear that the ancient civilization was highly advanced so VP trying to reach to that level was anticipated
Ok and wtf?? I’m saying her demeanor and overall vibe is repulsive not to mention she’s an ugly failed Nami clone but I imagine you are calling me out for a hm deeper topic lmao… Yeah sorry for you ig
No I'm not lmao I just didn't understand why you hated her for eating and then shitting when that's how these things work

Even women take a dump bro. It ain't that deep
No I'm not lmao I just didn't understand why you hated her for eating and then shitting when that's how these things work

Even women take a dump bro. It ain't that deep
The fact that you still don’t understand, and can’t see what I’m seeing just shows that it’s not worth going on because it’s hopeless for the likes of you.

Stop patronizing me like I’m some dumbass boy who thinks girls don’t use the restroom. I wouldn’t care if she were male I hate Neckbeard and his crew of sloppy trailer trash degenerates just the same as her and people irl who don’t see what’s wrong with how they act… They’re barbarians fr

And I have receipt threads with an s of me bashing Neckbeard and friends in case you wanna call me a liar
5/5 chapter. The buildup made was nice, and now we know that Oda is really dropping info.

This arc will give us the secret of the Devil Fruits and probably more lore bombs. Great chapter, and we'll get a great arc (we deserve it, after 4 years of Wano) :steef:
The Jimbei seraphim really feels like a plot device to me for Oda to explain how devil fruit reincarnate. The people who are there when the fox dude in dressrosa explained how Ace Mera mera no mi reincarnates are Luffy and Franky.

Now Franky will think Pink is dead and will ask Shaka what happened to Pink or how Jinbe serap acquired the Swim swim fruit. Shaka will then explain how devil fruit reincarnates and its origin.

My headcannon for the infinte source of fire is the Sunlight Tree of eve. That tree absorbs sunlight and poop it back in fishmen island. It is a sun basically under the sea. Some say its sabo, eneru or prometheus. I just doesnt fit right to me. I think that tree was maybe hidden inside the red line for some purpose either as a progenitor of df or some kind of energy source before.

Lastly, that robot seems to wearing a viking hat. It does not look like oars. Why everyone is saying it is oars. It seems the hat worn by Jorul and Jarul in Elbaf. The horns are also smaller to me protruding from side and not in the front.
Her job is to eat and shit for the other punks who don’t have time to do it themselves?
It’s not her fault waaaaa just like Big Mom’s hunger pangs and me and a bunch of other people hate her still. Pathetic ass agenda to circle jerk with the other super fans


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I actually find this thing utterly repulsive. Like I know some of you are creepy perverts typical in this community but have some class, this bitch is unlady like

It’s giving… Big Meme… but far worse, I have a new tier of hate for a character.
How we know she took a shit? She probably just had to pee at least she better than Power from chainsaw man if you read that series