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Who will fight Kizaru ?

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Gotta love how G5 went from "pinnacle of Luffy's power" (from Goofy himself) to base Luffy tier but with better stretching ability on WG. It's not like awakened zoan are known to boost every stat, after all.
??? its as strong as he gets. lucci is also really strong. do you think nobody ever trains but the main characters

rob lucci neg diffed sai and leo back in reverie. he gets powerscaled above doffy and every yonko commander immediately. and yes hes still weaker than luffy and getting clapped, having to stop 1v1ing immediately to attack bystanders and steal troops to make it more even for himself. lucci is significantly stronger than he was before and he still has to fight luffy like the alliance had to fight kaido lol
It‘s not about this fight specifically. Just in general. I want him to face stronger opponents, not be the strongest. That‘s just lame. EoS he can be the strongest, though
Oh I agree, if he is already the strongest and doesn’t struggle it will not be interesting. But some opponents he should also just defeat quickly to show that he is on a level only other yonkous and admirals are a match for him.
I'm annoyed that Oda hasn't actually addressed if Lucci is the CP0 leader or not. It seemed like the other dude was and then he became irrelevant (unless he comes back).

The WG structure/pecking order is still weird.
it seems like cp0 is just a group of people who take orders from higher up. there might be some seniority involved but nothing about luccis portrayal suggests hes the leader of cp0 or even this group. hes not making command decisions, hes just centrally framed and on the phone a lot.
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