Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Whatever you do, guys, just chill. There‘s no way Kid‘s journey actually ends here and Shanks is just in a whole different league. There‘s no shame getting defeated by the mentor figure and idol of a MC. The fact Kid was used as a hype tool demonstrates his strength as well.
I think kids journey may legitimately end here. Oda likely doesn’t want to write another war with too many people
Who needs great storytelling, narratives, character development, etc...
When you have Shanks piece?
Simply the worst character next to Tama and others

:kayneshrug:I guess this is the manga people wanna keep reading where Oda keeps going against his own stuff he built and wrote, ruining characters
All simply to wank Oden, Shanks, ...
Weird how I too can read this manga and come to a wildly different conclusion about Shanks that has been validated time and time again based on the authors own storytelling and writing. Its almost as if this wasnt stated repeatedly the past month.

Weird how that is.
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