Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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I talk about oda, not shanks.
Didn’t know Kid raped odas wife or something what you want to imply.
Kid simply came to meet a man with the „burned mark“ and got attacked immediately by shanks pirates. Shanks literally send him
The message „drop your dream and all what ever matters for you, or I kill you“.
what options did he have?
dropping your dream is exactly what death in one piece resembles.
He is probably going to wash up on the the shore of Elbaf.

Jokes aside Oda probably has one last thing planned for him.
Kid was playing dirty, cant blame Shanks here.
He even confirmed that he is not injured from his previous fight.

Shanks went all out? Same goes for Kid. He was also charging up his strongest attack, just to destroy some ships.

What was he gonna do, destroy all of the Elbaf?
Poor decision making from Kid. He didnt learn from Luffy, or Wano arc as a whole.
Ah okay, so when the World Government was issuing Mihawk's bounty, they justified his WSS title by comparing his swordsmanship to someone who's not a swordsman.

If someone came up to you and said that Mike Tyson is the best boxer because his boxing skills are better than Conor McGregor, would that make any sense? Nope.
The comparison with shanks even proves my point more, if oda wanted he could've just said mihawk is even a stronger swordsman then shanks, not mihawk has higher sword skill then shanks its not the same thing.

Btw i think mihawk is cooler then shanks just shanks is oda golden boy and he will make him something different to have an edge on mihawk without ruining the title.
Its like big mom using ikoku both seem like shockwave like attacks not cuts

If cutting is relevant to swordman it might mean something
If cutting isn't relevant than it doesn't change anything
The first time big mom used ikoku she cut King Baum with it. You seriously need to stop coping . Shanks is a swordsman . He’s using adv Coc on his blade and swing it just like zoro . There’s no mystery here
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