Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Felt no hype from this chapter genuinely. This made Kid look like complete fodder instead of making Shanks look OP for me. Disappointed is all I can say.
you know what would have done it? If Loda just treated BM like a real antagonist.

Then people would have never doubted Kid's strength for 2v1ing her and Shanks beating Kid would serve its purpose.
But by making BM a clown, Kid's strength is called into question
Law tanked Thunder Bagua. Kid was one shot by Kamusari. The damage output difference is too huge.

I didn't even talk about Mihawk and you go ahead and mention him. Seems like you're coping.
Base TB one shotted fresh G4 Luffy too.
I'm certain even Act1 Luffy with G4 has better endurance, will power, durability than any version of Law ......

It's Oda inconsistent writing.
When the main battle starts you cannot get one shotted again just like that because fighting cannot go back and forth otherwise. That's why Luffy contines to eat several Kaido CoC attack when the plot requires it...
Kaido could do the same with high end attack of TB to current Kidd


Heavy Metal
This shit is so trash. All I can do at this point is laugh lol @Pantheos
It’s absolutely trash. But when oda needs to write trash to keep his sales up, so be it. But then I don’t need to put this much work and free time in a forum and community which only is interested in clowning me for having higher hopes into odas writing abilities.
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