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All the moments you named Zoro was not in the room….. Zoro is the X Factor you’re not thinking about. You know he feels the same way about women that Sanji does. And Sanji does not go off yelling every time he does something
Y’all are forgetting the layers to this character. He knows how to read a room.
Zoro was absolutely in the same place when Wadatsumi fell and Sanji actively threatened Zoro if he hurt the girl in the warm eddy.

Zoro has no effect on Sanjis ideology. Hell the first time we saw it was when Zoro was going to hurt Nami.

Sanji can read a room, but you all acting like Sanji would think Stussy deserved it and wouldn’t even acknowledge Lucci nearly killing her is the complete what the fuck.
Funny how Luffy is taking back the term of Shaky from "two years ago" "We are hundreds time stronger now" meaning that Luffy is now at least on the level of Rayleigh
Like for every chapter when there are black lightning, there will be discussion.
people gotta back up their agenda.
I also have a very obvious agenda, but..
Ever since the rooftop started (so when Oda must have finalized how advanced COC looked like visually), he has been careful to not draw black lightning whenever Luffy used COA, likely to not confuse the readers for no reason as we know Luffy has both powers.
Making readers guess whether x secondary character is a COC user is fun (like for Kuzan or Coby), but this is unecessary for the MC. He has been extremely consistent with this when it comes to Luffy.

Only exception being when he had a head-on fist clash with Lucci, but we know clashes have their own visual effects. Not the case at the end of this chapter.

Also Oda drew Zoro (another confirmed COC user) using hardening 2 pages before without sparks to mark the contrast imo :
Ummmm stussy being hurt is the perfect chance for Devon to replace her.
Then Sanji goes to aid fake Stussy.....
Things could start to get messy ,I'm looking forward what might happen.
I just love this casual greeting and clash between 2 extremely powerful characters lol
”Heya”, “Long time no see”
I can’t wait for the showdown. Nice callback to Rayleigh too
I love this page.

"now that you've gained an ally, you're feeling much better?!" "you're under-estimating us too much!!"

Yeah, man, Zoro just said that Luffy easily takes down Kizaru, and Lucci is being foolish for thinking that Kizaru showing up here would change the tide in their favor.:steef:
It’s not why isn’t Sanji going crazy, tell me why do you think Sanji didn’t at least acknowledge Stussy?

Taking the gun and capturing Kaku isn’t a reaction to Stussy falling. Vegapunk and Nami both yelled when Stussy fell, but someone who cares the most about women being hurt didn’t seem to mind? Like that’s the most wtf part.

It might even be the opposite of wtf, Sanji read the situation so differently than the rest that he didn't looked desperate at all. It's almost like he was waiting for it but couldn't prevent or didn't knew what measure to take to avoid the unevitable.

There is a level of depth some people might be ignoring here. Is Sanji just an all out simp who can't even use his brain the whole time tho? Is that who we want Sanji to be?

And we might need to wait for the next chapters, cuz someone's gonna need to take care of that group, Sanji is the only wing left

Sasaki Kojirō

Oh my god, don't tell me that Kizaru will have his guard broken and be sent flying by a base Luffy without even using Haki in his kick? Not to mention that this chapter strongly suggests that Kizaru doesn't have Conqueror's Haki (CoC), since when two individuals with CoC and top-tier strength clash initially, both possessing CoC, Oda depicts them splitting the skies upon first contact. This didn't happen with Garp and Kuzan, Luffy and Kizaru here, but it did happen with Kaido and Big Mom, Shanks and Whitebeard, Roger and Whitebeard, Luffy and Kaido.