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It's time for Zoro to end Lucci's career. Lucci is the type of guy who will never stop.
Even if Zoro defeats him, he will find a way to be a pain in the ass. I think he will never abandon the idea of abducting Robin.
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Sanji was like ''Shit, a lady was seriously injured down there, so let's ignore it and stand close to Nami and defend her."
In case of emergency, Nami is always Sanji's priority. :blush:

Sanji fanboys told me that Sanji has Future Sight...

Then why didn't he foresee and stop Lucci, preventing him from injuring Stussy


Not going against Lucci for revenge of having hurt Stussy was actually a smart move
Sanji left a foe too strong for him to a comrade stronger than him

Maybe Sanji's smartest move since the times of Mr Prince


So you think Nami, his beloved crewmate, holds the same weight as Stussy after 1090 chapters?

You guys really wanna reduce Sanji to a mere pussy smeller?


Come on bros :kobeha:
No but Sanji thinks men who hit women are sick

And Sanji is just smoking and talking normal

He should have like dark eyes like he's going to end Rob
But no he's not normal
Why are people crying about Sanji? He was actually being efficient for once, went right to business by making sure Kaku is not moving a muscle. Sanji fans actually want this dude to be simping 24/7 now? I'm actually confused, since this is more in line with the Sanji of old.
Great move indeed. Now let’s hope Lucci surrenders like a bitch when Sanji threatens Kaku’s life with a gun