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It was created by the same people that instigated the Garp vs Admiral debates which everyone under the sun knew were always Yonkou fans cosplaying as Garp fans. This time it is no different, just the Gorosei are the tool this time around. Your avy is proof for that. Once Saturn doesn't look as you guys expected you'll switch over to Garling or in the end Imu.

But we all know the reason for that is something. Yonkou fans are scared to debate the balance of powers. They are scared to debate Garp vs Yonkou. They are scared to debate Gorosei vs Yonkou and so on so forth.

Just one giant cope agenda
Alright bro, this is one of you guys, there are many more I just can't be assed clowning your ass with something everyone already knows

Admiral fans are the creators of "Gorosei are weak old men" "Saturn is a fodder that needs Kizaru to protect him" etc, you've just flip-flopped over the last six months lmao.
They are still believing that though, even after Saturn's entrance. Even after the instant heal ability.

He might have limb regeneration too. Kuzan lost a leg for good. If Saturn heals wounds so easily limb generation isn't out of the question. The difference between admiral and gorosei is heaven to Earth. No wonder they survived 800 years or at least a very long time.

I still get vibes of Berserk godhand parallel. Therefore he might not be 800+ years old just swapped someone that rebelled against Imu. They fear Imu basically and follow every command.
Kizaru is here to protect Saturn, it is literally written in the manga.
Trying to close the topic fast because you know you're wrong lmao. Vlad is defending against the Gorosei > Admiral takes that YOU guys created. Also this is the third time you begged for my attention. I said earlier that you would do it.
I am gonna say it, the Admiral fans better should start acting like their idols and act more humble around the GOAToseis from now on.

Because we are done with their shit after this chapter!

No CHANCE the Admirals are above Gorosei after the way he talks to Kizaru and the feats he pulled. Saturn is LITERALLY immortal from what we see in this chapter. He instantly heals that attack, so it is not like it is just him being ageless from the looks of it he can just regenerate if he feels like it.

If Akainu started shit against all five of them when he was arguing the last time with them? He gets neg-diffed!

Even if Saturn is only barely Admiral level in all other stats he would wreck them all if he can just not die. They are looking more like god tier with every subsequent chapter! I swear Oda is cooking something FOUL for these guys! They are THEM!

Nah I’m holding firm, that is clearly an anime error. The anime has made coloring mistakes before as they did with Kuma’s color scheme, Marco’s initial design, drawing Saint Shanks with two arms in the Whitebeard flashback, Fujitora’s color scheme, etc.

Call it cope, I don’t care. If Oda shows or says that it’s not a black blade then that’s one thing, but the anime has made mistakes before and this is one of them. It is clearly a black blade in the canon manga, or at least clearly NOT an ordinary silver blade which is how it appears in that image.
check this one @mly90
Why u wanking Luffy? Havent u got some1 else to be worried abt :kobeha::kobeha::kobeha:
@SkySanji is just trying to find the agenda that is looking the safest hence you see him sucking off another character every week may it be Kaido, Garp, Imu, Saturn or whoever.

Don't forget this comment because next chapter we might get Xebec hype and then I want you to remember this 😭
Trying to close the topic fast because you know you're wrong lmao. Vlad is defending against the Gorosei > Admiral takes that YOU guys created. Also this is the third time you begged for my attention. I said earlier that you would do it.
Running away like usual lmao, Extravlad has done nothing but shit on the Gorosei and claim things like they're Vegapunks equal lmao, and he's just a reflection of your entire fandom, you've been downplaying the Gorosei forever because you knew they'd make the Admirals look bad, exactly what's happening now.

You cry about me quoting you but you won't block me, pathetic.
You got another attack? :choppawhat:
You see when you punch a rubber wall, the harder you punch the deeper your fist is going to go and the more rubber is going stretche. Based on that the punch that Luffy hit Kaido with in chapter 1045 should be stronger than the star gun attack that Kizaru took. Kaido's rubber head stretched way more compared to Kizaru's.

The punch on Kizaru has more similarity with the attack Kaido took in chapter 1056:
Figarland Garling seems to be a really peculiar specimen.

His appearence is charismatic, you can see that because he is the favorite of everybody at the tournament, and that is something he passed to his presumed son.
But unlike Shanks superficial appearence, who you can easily see cracking a smile or a grin, his demeanor is more stoic and detached, something you could say he shares more with someone like Mihawk. He even seems to be really dedicated to combat and training, which adds up.
On top of that he seems to have a taste for blood, which is a characteristic that both Shanks & Mihawk apparently don't have. That's something more in line with a man like Lucci.

I'm really looking forward to see Garling in action @Paperchampion23
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